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flag sporting COP27 branding Sustainable
14-11-225 min read

COP27: innovation investment and support for rural farmers needed as leaders told to “adapt or starve”

close up of very yellow wheat
11-11-222 min read

Infarm announces it’s succeeded in growing high-yield wheat indoors without soil or chemical pesticides

cityscape of grenoble in france Sustainable
11-11-224 min read

A week in news: the race to develop a sustainable food system – the latest food and drink headlines 7-11 November

concept image with blue background showing half a brain and half a walnut
10-11-228 min read

Are superfoods really super?

Luiz Lula
03-11-224 min read

A week in news: hope for the Amazon reignites – the latest food and drink headlines 31 October – 4 November

white bowl containing trofie pasta coated in green pesto topped with basil
02-11-223 min read

Italian researchers use probiotics to extend the shelf-life of fresh pasta

food waste Sustainable
02-11-223 min read

WWF and Tesco call for mandatory farm food waste reporting as millions of tonnes lost

chef in white puts finishing touches to a dish
31-10-222 min read

Majority of chefs keen to serve cultivated meat and 75% are willing to pay a premium, research shows

exterior shot of a tesco store with Get Go on the front
28-10-222 min read

Trigo raises $100M to scale autonomous grocery store technology

image of two men on poles of differing heights depicting inequality
27-10-224 min read

A week in news: children and NHS staff going hungry – the latest food and drink headlines 24-28 October

xray-style image of the brand with the amygdala highlighted
27-10-223 min read

Neurological discovery could help deter patients from overeating fatty foods and treat obesity

Scientist working in a lab
26-10-222 min read

Tufts University launches cellular agriculture consortium to develop ‘foods of the future’

Hand holds a shopping basket
26-10-226 min read

What will the supermarket of the future look like?

Male farmer examining soil at agricultural field
24-10-226 min read

Green Jobs: what does a Soil Nutrient Researcher do?

skyline shot of maastricht in the early evening featuring a bridge
21-10-222 min read

Mosa Meat announces new Maastricht production facility

Newspaper cuttings about inflation, rising consumer prices and economic hardship
21-10-223 min read

A week in news: food prices hit 42-year high – the latest food and drink headlines 17-21 October

sunset boulevard street sign against a blue sky backdrop and several palm trees Sustainable
20-10-223 min read

Los Angeles unanimously votes to endorse Plant Based Treaty

Colorful gingerbread fantasy village
20-10-2210 min read

Banned ingredients: the food additives no longer allowed in the UK and why

19-10-222 min read

Soaring food prices push UK inflation back into double digits

workers in a meat factory
17-10-224 min read

Tyson Foods and JBS ignite debate after investing in wearable monitoring system for workers

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