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22-10-214 min read

Uniting industry with academia: 10 latest Food Matters Careers members building a better future for food

woman in field holding box Sustainable
15-10-213 min read

How can you be a food hero? 3 ways you can help the planet this World Food Day

green bin with fruit and veg flying into it
10-09-212 min read

Student food waste start-up KnoWaste wins £10k

05-09-212 min read

1.55 million active job adverts. Are we seeing a post-pandemic recovery?

16-08-215 min read

What caused inflated GSCE and A-Level results?

22-07-213 min read

Back to work: 3 ways to stay focused in a noisy office

22-07-212 min read

A career change is on the horizon for 60% of us

12-07-212 min read

Which key skills shortage is the UK workforce still lacking?

30-06-213 min read

Part-time learning – full on future. University of Greenwich

27-05-212 min read

What Elon Musk tells us about Neurodiversity in business

24-05-212 min read

10 things companies should know about Gen Z

17-05-211 min read

Graduate recruitment bounces back – according to ISE

14-05-211 min read

The OfS Releases a Graduate Skills Guide

30-04-214 min read

6 ways recent graduates can enhance their online job search

19-04-215 min read

Returning to the Workplace. How has the way we work changed?

12-04-214 min read

Interview: Suzanne Davies, Career at Pepsi Co Future Brands

22-03-212 min read

Student voice: the importance of a circular economy, by Rossella

01-03-213 min read

The perfect opportunity to meet students & graduates – Testimonials from last week’s event.

19-02-215 min read

How can entrepreneurial competencies boost employability?

12-02-214 min read

COVID has changed university teaching. Five takeaways

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