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Tastes of better

Previous partners and menus

Already this year, Tastes of Better has brought together over 300 food industry innovators. Here, you’ll get a taste of the menus our Innovation Partners have brought to the table across London and Manchester.

March session in London

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The global ingredients giant is not holding back. IFF will offer thirsty guests a a zero-alcohol elderflower champagne with a plant-based parmesan crostini topped with black olive, tomato and basil. It will then serve a plant-based blueberry waffle with crispy ‘bacon’, a habanero and lime porkless scratching, and maple syrup. It will follow that with a plant-based beef rendang served with sticky rice, pickles, toasted coconut, nigella seeds and spring onions, then serve a plant-based chocolate orange brownie carob custard, topped with honeycomb and chocolate shards. And to round things off it will offer guests a lo-no rum and cola.


Crowd-pleasing favourites like burgers, sausages, chips, crisps and pasta pack Kemin’s menu, with the emphasis firmly on how Kemin’s rosemary-infused frying oils and antimicrobials help preserve and extend the look, taste and texture of various foods (and even the frying oil itself). Kemin plans a ‘before and after’ experience, which sounds like determined guests may have to keep eating hot crispy fries again and again until they can make up their minds. 


Keeping things coy, Sweegen is flying in from the US in with a top secret menu to accompany a full on sensory overload. It’s keeping the full menu under wraps to maximise the element of surprise, but has said its Signature Sweetener portfolio will feature, and promises guests will have multiple senses engaged while they choose what to eat and drink, to explore why consumers choose the things they do. 


Colourful and vibrant, Beneo’s menu starts with creamy tomato soup with plant-based meatballs, dubbed cheat’balls. That will be followed up with a faba bean and rice cracker topped with an on-trend textured tuna alternative. With appetites fired up, Beneo will then serve a butter chicken curry, made with meatless chicken chunks and roasted cauliflower. And it will follow that with a crunchy snack high in protein and fibre before rounding things off with a coconut and chocolate dessert, enriched with protein from faba beans and rice starch. 


Utilising the power of fermentation and mushroom mycelia, MycoTechnology will kick things off by waking up coffee lovers with a spiked oat latte, made with coffee and vodka blended with oatmilk and balanced with MycoClearIQ to produce a smooth, creamy drink (an alcohol-free version will also available). After that, it will serve up a vegan chick’n curry made with Myco FermentIQ texturised plant protein, garam masala, fresh ginger and garlic blended with fire roasted tomatoes, accompanied by a naan bread

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May session in Manchester

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Crisp, fresh salad with plant-based feta cheese, drizzled with basil oil.

Plant-based pâté served with caramelised onion chutney on a crunchy cracker.

A simple, sweet lemon and poppyseed muffin with a moist crumb.

Deliciously indulgent vegan ganache with a smooth and silky texture.

Choc-chip cookie with 20% less sugar.

Dairy-free cheesecake served with a gooey vegan salted caramel sauce.

Vegan Jaffa cakes, light, egg-free and dairy-free sponge topped with a zesty orange and coated in vegan milk chocolate.

Light dairy and egg free carrot cake bite topped with a whipped vegan cream cheese flavoured frosting


Fluffy puff pastry filled with a vegan spiced pork and plant based gouda for a new innovative twist on a sausage roll. Served with “better for you” healthy portion of sugar reduced Ketchup.
1st Course
Puffed pasta in a vegan creamy carbonara sauce, sprinkled with a crumble of vegan bacon and fresh garlic bread.
Main Course
Vegan pulled pork with a “better for you” sugar reduced BBQ sauced served in a Taco shell and topped with some homemade pickled red onions and sour cream lime drizzle and fresh
Marinated vegan Feta in herbal oil served with a variety of crackers as well as small bites of vegan scamorza (smoked gouda).
Mang-jito made using maturation keys to give rum notes, combined with mango, the most popular fruit in drinks across the UK and Europe.


Plant-based mortadella crostini, black garlic & truffle aioli, shaved parmesan.

Welcome Drink
Elderflower Shh@mpagne with raspberry.

Crispy vegan bacon, oat milk blueberry waffle, habanero & lime seasoned porkless scratching, maple syrup. 

Main Course
Plant-based Malaysian beef rendang, sticky rice, pickles, toasted coconut, nigella seeds and spring onions. 

Beer x 2 (flavoured and non-flavoured) No/low.

Artisan Vanilla Bourbon Vegan Cheesecake, mango and passionfruit gel, candied orange and white chocolate. 

Handmade selection of fine vegan cheese, chutney, grapes and biscuits. 

RSSL: an interactive session

Looking for a cutting-edge research partner to help you accelerate your R&D and innovation projects? From our product developers and scientists to our regulatory experts, we have the technical know-how, agility, and expertise to support your innovation programmes. We offer a wide range of tailored technical solutions to help you work smarter and get your products to market quicker.

During our interactive session we will:

– Share real-world case studies, related to current industry challenges on sustainability, affordability, health and nutrition. We will spotlight vegan product development, reformulation and alternative ingredient selection, shelf life and physical packaging testing.

– Provide insight into how our scientific solutions can accelerate your innovations.

– Give you an opportunity to join our interactive Q&A session to pose your questions to our Technical Experts.

Throughout we will be demonstrating how our technical solutions can help you to solve today’s challenges.

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