What does the future look like for CBD?

It’s clear that the use of CBD in food and drink products in the UK is rising rapidly, but just how big can the market become?

In this second Table Talk episode focussing on CBD, Stefan Gates is joined by two experts on how the supplement can be put to use.

Lauren Lovatt is Founder of Plant Academy, and Dave Gibson is Founder of Gibsons Goodology.

Both have extensive experience in the opportunities and challenges of producing CBD products in western markets.

In this episode, they discuss why the UK has become such a big market for CBD products already, why there’s still some uncertainty among consumers about how to use the supplement, and how regulation and limits on online advertising are affecting sales.

They also look at how CBD is increasingly being used in cosmetics, and low and no alcohol drinks.

Listen to our previous episode, where we looked in more detail at the facts around the CBD, and asked the question: Is the regulatory system working?

Lauren Lovatt, Founder of Plant Academy

Lauren is a plant-based chef and entrepreneur. She is the founder of the Plant Academy in London and the woman behind MIND FOOD, a project dedicated to delicious food specifically designed to feed your mind.

Lauren has openly shared her journey with mental health over the years, which led her to discover a burning passion to inspire others through food. 

Early on in her career, Lauren set up an aspirational vegan restaurant – Asparagasm – which led her to host her own plant-based pop-up nights for some years; from these experiences, she has a wealth of experience developing recipes, writing menus and creating events.

Dave Gibson, Founder of Gibsons Goodology

Dave says he’s been on his CBD journey for the last 7 years, having invested in a THC dispensary in Canada years ago, it growing to 28 stores, then setting up another cannabis company in London, before starting up Gibson’s Goodology, with the likes of Blair, one of the leads for Start Ups at Google HQ, marketers from the Pharma space, engineers and lawyers who specialise in cannabis.

CBD Cannabis

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What does the future look like for CBD?