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Featured Speaker

Photo of Umeeda Switlo - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Umeeda Switlo


Naledo Foods and Beverages Inc

Umeeda first went to Belize to volunteer with the Belizean government through CUSO International to share her business skills with youth.

While in Belize, Umeeda traveled the country and met other people of Indian ancestry. One farmer showed her the turmeric that grew wild on his land. Their ancestors had brought the golden root with them! It was the most vivid orange and the best quality Umeeda had ever seen! After months of experimenting, she came up with the recipe for the world’s first wildcrafted, whole root turmeric paste – Truly Turmeric.

We decided to build a social enterprise that would support growers to earn extra income, employ youth, improve health around the world, and produce products sustainably.

Our company’s name comes from the district in Belize where our turmeric is sourced, Toledo and Nareena’s name… Na + ledo = Naledo. Embarrassing for her daughter, Nareena, proud mom bragging rights for Umeeda.