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Increase your brand awareness by up to 89% with a curated podcast experience

Since launching in 2019, listeners have turned to the Food Matters Live Podcast over 145,000 times across the world to hear the latest news and innovations from leaders in food and nutrition, as well as taking a deep dive into the industry’s past.

Each podcast is an opportunity to explain insight, research, and expertise in a fun, conversational and evergreen way. Harness the positive influence podcasts can have and increase brand consideration, brand favourability, and purchase intent.

Every partnership podcast generates a unique product that can be shared and promoted amongst your own community. Food Matters Live is the perfect platform to build your message for your audience and ours.

Partner success stories

Join the likes of Kelloggs, Clasado Biosciences, Gelita, Tetra Pak, Givaudan, Glanbia Nutritionals, and Siemens in reaching a new audience with The Food Matters Live Podcast.

What can a Food Matters Live podcast do for you?

Enhance a long-term brand awareness campaign

A branded podcast is a versatile asset, deliverable across multiple platforms to a large audience. Utilise the episode to speak to a global audience and make sure your brand is known to the right people.

Create a deeper connection to your desired audiences

Podcasts provide an informal conversation that make an audience feel involved. It’s the perfect opportunity to make a deeper connection with an audience as part of a wider marketing campaign

Support product launches and event campaigns

Podcasts provide the perfect way of engaging with audiences before and after an event, or when you are releasing a new product. Be part of the conversation early with a podcast with Food Matters Live

Cement yourself as a thought-leader

Podcasts are a modern, conversational marketing asset that allows you as a brand to be part of a conversation and showcase your expertise. It builds trust when listeners can hear you show you are industry leaders, and ensures they will turn to your brand again

Meet the host

Stefan Gates

Stefan has been hosting the Food Matters Live Podcast since its launch in 2019.
He is also a BBC presenter, author and founder of Gastronaut, an award-winning food and science media company.
Stefan graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English and worked in TV and film production as well as the BBC’s New Comedy Department before realising that all he really cared about was exploring extraordinary food stories and talking to people about them

The process

Curate your message

Our professional production team will help create your personally tailored narrative. You can choose to have a large multinational panel discussion or just a single expert taking part, with either a completely scripted dialogue or free-flowing conversation around themes you identify. The choice is yours.

Receive multi-channel promotion

Your podcast appears on the most popular listening platforms, including Apple, Spotify and Google. As part of the partnership we also create social media Audiograms, (shareable video clip soundbites), to drive awareness and amplify your core theme and message.

Access a valuable audience 

Thousands of food and nutrition industry professionals regularly tune into the Food Matters Live Podcast, whether its industry leaders, founders and NPD specialists or enthusiastic graduates looking for their next move into Food. Let your brand do the talking to our highly engaged audience.

Meet the team

Contact us to find out how you can partner with Food Matters Live