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Direct to consumers: building an effective strategy

Food Matters Live Masterclass
Thursday 29 April 2021 – 2-5pm | £99 + VAT


Did you know…

25% of consumers are making nearly ⅕ of their purchases from DTC brands

(Source: ProfitWell)


81% of consumers will make at least one DTC purchase over the next 5 years (ProfitWell).


11% of DTC companies are doing over $100M in sales (ProfitWell).

This masterclass:

For many brands, the pandemic has accelerated the shift to online and direct to consumer. E-commerce is bigger than ever before, and with the pandemic-driven changes in online consumer behaviour, brands must find a way to retain and attract customers. In this practical and interactive masterclass with digital expert Nathan Lomax you will learn how to create a growth strategy for your e-commerce brand, the key areas on which to focus and why multi-channel execution will set you on the path to success.  

Who should have attended?

This workshop was perfect for start-ups (pre-launch to about three years old) and scale-ups, especially those expecting strong growth and those looking for investors. Once the work done in the workshop had been applied, attendees would have noticed higher brand consistency, better customer experience and engagement. 



By the end of this masterclass, attendees would have learnt:


How incremental gains help you scale  


How audience profiling can take you to an ideal set of new customers


How a single customer view promotes loyalty  



Meet your speaker

Nathan Lomax, Founder ofQuickfire Digital

Nathan Lomax is co-founder and director of UK-based Quickfire Digital, an e-commerce focused digital evolution agency, helping businesses maximise efficiency, profitability and scalability through the use of technology.

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Photo of Nathan Lomax - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Nathan Lomax

Co-founder & director, Quickfire Digital