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28 June

Low and no alcohol drinks on UK market – How to navigate the complexity of product information regulations

This Masterclass will look at identifying the controls placed on such products in terms of product information and advertising, the requirements and the constraints and how to approach ensuring a product is compliant.

It will cover mandatory requirements for information the essentials of product name, ingredient list to nutrition and health claims, consideration of novel foods and overall presentation of the product.

Masterclass leader: Pete Martin, Independent food regulatory expert

christine and laura

29 June

How to innovate in no/low alcohol drinks

In a booming market, it might be easy to assume consumers of low and no-alcohol drinks are looking for something which replicates their favourite alcoholic drink. But is that actually the case? Understanding why consumers are increasingly moderating their drinking and what they value in the alternatives is key to carving out a successful business and brand in a competitive marketplace.

Join us for up-to-the minute trends analysis and insight and leave with all the knowledge you need to navigate this vast sector.

Masterclass leaders: Laura Willoughby, Co-Founder of Brimful Drinks and Christine Parkinson, Founder of Club Soda.

hans verhagen event image

5 July

Novel Foods in EU (and UK)

In the EU, a ‘Novel Food’ is defined as food that has “not been consumed to a significant degree by humans in the EU before 15 May 1997”. A ‘Novel Food’ can be a newly developed, innovative food, a food produced using new technologies and production processes, as well as a food which is or has been traditionally eaten outside of the EU. For the consumer, Novel Foods in the EU should: be safe, not mislead, not be nutritionally disadvantageous.

The Masterclass will explain the EU Regulation 2283/2015 and adjacent Regulations in the EU (and UK), both from a historical perspective as well as the current situation.   

Masterclass leader: Hans Verhagen, EFSA expert and leader of a Food Safety & Nutrition Consultancy in the Netherlands

7 July

How to ensure your food and drink promotions are compliant

Do you have a secure understanding of what the rules are around prize promotions and how your brand needs to comply? Are you new to marketing or new to your sector or brand? Or do you simply need a quick refresher to update your knowledge?

This essential masterclass on promotional compliance will equip you with all you need to know and help you protect your brand and career from embarrassing and costly mistakes.

Masterclass leaders: Amy Kingham, Compliance Manager and Petra Green, Head of Legal from PromoVeritas

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