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Case study

Why Givaudan chose to communicate their insight through a series of podcasts

The goal

To connect Food Matters Live’s audience with Givaudan’s technical research undertaken throughout the pandemic

Givaudan wanted a distinctive way to inform the global food, drink and nutrition industry about the technical research that they had conducted in response to COVID-19. Their research had unearthed some fascinating new insights into consumer trends, and how the marketplace was changing following the pandemic, and they needed a way to share that knowledge in the most engaging way possible.

What's next after pasta?
15-05-20Podcast / Food Futures What’s next after pasta? A look at consumer trends in the new normal
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Vegan protein sources

How we did it

The first episode was conducted with a panel of experts from across Givaudan’s EMEA business to discuss the way shoppers were adapting their habits and diets following the impact of COVID-19. The shift to plant-based, healthy, cleaner label foods that help support healthy immune systems was discussed in-depth, and it was highlighted that personal nutrition awareness was more widespread than before COVID-19.

Each episode was a trends base discussion of how food habits have adapted throughout the course of the pandemic. It utilised Givaudan knowledge and people to bring together a panel of expertise to explore areas such as consumer trends, forms of protein and healthy beverages. Audiences received leading insights as to what we might expect to see in the future of food.


Through a series of four episodes we investigated key areas of their research to discover the changing consumer and retail landscape following COVID-19, and how brands could react and adapt to grow and connect with consumers.

A promotional campaign that utilised Food Matters Live’s multi-channel touchpoints, including email marketing, social, and inclusion on our website, led to the episode finishing as the second top performer in its month of publication.

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