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X-tra Guard – Millbo Srl

X-TRA GUARD is a natural ingredient, derived from the whole of the Rowan berry’s natural botanical compounds, using water extraction, and then blended with tapioca flour carrier.

X-TRA GUARD is pure innovation from plant origin developed and formulated in Italy by Millbo. As the Rowan berry is a source of sorbic acid, it is a natural solution for the food and drinks industries, to replace potassium sorbate/sorbic acid. 

X-TRA GUARD can be used in products that currently do not contain preservatives, but needing a longer shelf life, as it has the similar effect as potassium sorbate. X-tra Guard is a white/yellow powder with a fruity flavour and the dosage is between 0.6 TO 0.9 %. 

Laboratory trials have shown surprising results in different applications making the X-TRA GUARD a very versatile and effective product. It can be used in a wide variety of foods and drinks.  In fact, wherever sorbate is used, X-tra Guard has the same efficacious results.  

X-TRA GUARD is a clean label, non–GMO, vegan, ingredient for bakery products, jams, fillings, sauces, meat, etc. The product ingredient declaration is “plant/botanical extract (sorbus aucuparia L)”. X-TRA GUARD is an ingredient and not an additive. 

X-TRA GUARD S is the soluble version.