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Capsiclear – Afede Wellness

CapsiClear is the first bioavailable first capsanthin ingredient on the market to provide 4-in-1 eye health support. Standardized to 50 percent capsanthin, CapsiClear is developed with more holistic vision care in mind. The first studies on this composition have shown significantly positive results surpassing other commonly used carotenoids. The research revealed that CapsiClear may help maintain optimal internal eye pressure (IOP), reduce eye fatigue by improving recovery after exposure to bright light, increase reading performance in both white and blue light for reduced eye strain, and increase macular pigment optical density (MPOD).

The world continues to develop into a place where both work, school and play are done digitally. Smart phones are always within reach, video streaming and video games are becoming more common pastimes, and many professionals spend at least eight hours per day working at a computer. Excessive screen time throughout the day exposes consumers to more blue light rays than ever before, and eye strain and increased IOP are becoming more prevalent, putting long-term vision health at risk for all generations. CapsiClear is a modern solution for an unavoidable modern issue; helping consumers to take control of their health and function on a day-to-day basis.