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Future Ingredients Competition, Agave Inulin – IMAG Organics

Agave Inulin – IMAG Organics

IMAG Organic Agave Inulin is a natural fibre obtained from the Blue Weber Agave grown in central Mexico. To produce Agave Inulin, the organic agave is milled, and the juice is extracted. The juice then undergoes a drying process and is converted into inulin powder. No other ingredients are added.

The use of IMAG Organic Agave Inulin has been tried and tested within the ongoing trends of organic, clean label, sustainable, and is a good fit for ‘healthier for you’ products. Being highly water soluble it is easy to use in many applications plus is an extremely functional ingredient when reducing fat and sugar in recipes. Being dietary fibre, it has an EFSA health claim when dosed at the required level.

Popular applications are in non-dairy ice cream & milk and in low alcohol beverages. IMAG Agave Inulin is a highly functional ingredient for these applications. It acts as a product stabilizer while simultaneously adding a little sweetness and mouthfeel, components that allow you to reduce the amount of sweetener added to the product. Another characteristic of Organic Agave Inulin is its prebiotic fibre properties that are essential to gut health and the consumer’s microbiome.