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Range of Bio&Me gut-loving granolas


Gold Winner – UK Challenger Brands

Created by Dr Megan Rossi, The Gut Health Doctor, Bio&Me’s gut-loving prebiotic granolas, porridges and mueslis maximise plant-based diversity, with up to 16 different, plant-based ingredients including fabulous fruits, vegetables, wholegranins, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Which not only helps your gut biome thrive – but crucially also taste absolutely delicious, as each extra ingredient adds to the taste. Bio&Me is the only brand that uniquely carries the EFSA-approved “Good for your gut” health claim, backed up by credible science. Promising great taste you can trust to do your gut good too.

Made using only natural ingredients, all products are high in fibre, 100% plant-based (suitable for vegans) and contain no added sugar or salt.