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Start-up line up

Food Tech Matters 2021 start-ups include:


Agriloops is inspired by nature and designs unique farms that combine shrimp farming with hydroponics. In addition to shrimps, our farms produce original and tasty vegetables. This complementarity is called aquaponics, that we developed for the first time in saltwater!


AgUnity provides smallholder farmers and other value chain stakeholders with a low-cost Android smartphone, pre-loaded with a digital transaction platform that is designed to work in completely offline and in low-bandwidth environments. The AgUnity platform enables farmers to securely digitise their transactions, increasing operational efficiency by replacing inefficient paper-based systems that are often subject to corruption and graft. Our platform helps build farmer’s credit…


Alalunga (Santander Food Trading), a company based in Santander, Spain, and owned and operated by two brothers: Alvaro and Pablo Huidobro. For the past four years the brothers have devoted themselves entirely to the production of canned fish (European hake, cuttlefish, albacore and mackerel). All artisanal production. This family project, is forged from a passion for gastronomy and the…


New foodTech start-up Alfred’s, Ltd introduces an innovative platform for producing plant-based whole cuts that mimic animal-derived products. The company developed a versatile platform for whole-cut texturization to produce plant-based meat alternatives that can answer the growing need for sustainable, animal-free products. Alfred’s joined the foodTech scene to solve one of the alt-protein movement’s key challenges: creating animal-like whole cuts….

Anina Culinary Art

Anina Culinary Art aim to increase the usage of ugly produce in the food industry. We utilize our unique fusion of innovative technology, expertise in design, and knowledge in culinary arts to create magical foods.


At Auravant we are convinced that a sustainable and efficient agriculture is possible, granting higher food productivity levers, through the use of digital technologies. With that in mind, we developed an easy-to-use SaaS tool that potentiates agronomic knowledge, democratizing access to Precision Agriculture. We partner with agronomic institutions and investigators to incorporate the best agronomic models into our platform, making…


Avgo is a technology company addressing environmental issues encountered in the egg processing and the pharmaceutical industries. Using a patented technology the company is able to convert eggshell waste into high specification calcium carbonate. Overcoming the environmental and costs issues of the egg industry, while also overcoming the environmental issues, a large carbon footprint and contamination with Toxic Heavy Metals…

Babylon Micro-Farms

A Babylon Micro-Farm™ delivers a simple, yet engaging indoor growing experience. Babylon® helps senior living communities, resorts, hospitals, schools, and hospitality companies showcase their commitment to providing fresh, nutritious produce and sustainability to their residents, employees, and customers. They have designed a complete on-site farming service that makes growing simple for anyone, thanks to their plug-and-play Micro-Farms and Guided…


BrioAgro is a smart irrigation company, using innovative technology that allows crops to be irrigated just when they need it. In this way, it achieves water savings of between 20% and 50%, depending on the type of crop and soil. This responsible irrigation also allows for a reduction in energy costs for pumping irrigation, fertilisers and phytosanitary products. First…


Brevel is opening the doors to microalgae as a natural part of our nutrition and life by providing truly affordable, consistent and scalable production of microalgae-based protein and ingredients. Brevel cracked and patented the key elements that are crucial for combining sugar-based fermentation and photosynthesis in indoor, fully controlled and automated reactors. Compared to existing widespread solutions, Brevel’s technology…

Carrot Kitchen

Carrot Revolution is a Helsinki based start-up with the mission happy healthy kids, happy healthy planet. Our gamified app Carrot Kitchen is the world’s first mobile cooking buddy for kids. The app was launched in October 2020 both in App Store and Google Play in Finnish and English. Go check it out! Through cooking with Carrot Kitchen app, kids…

Done Properly

Done Properly is a foodtech company that develops bioprocessed ingredients through fermentation technologies. Humanity is faced with an urgent need to change the way it eats. The growth of the food industry has made us lose our way and not worry about our main companion on the planet: nature. At Done Properly, we do everything to restore balance between humans…


ECOshrimp developed a unique shrimp farming solution based on the world-leading Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology developed by AquaMaof ( Over the course of a 5-year, $4 million research project, ECOshrimp gathered invaluable data about shrimp feeding habits, behaviors, and ideal growth conditions, and adapted AquaMaof’s proven technology to meet these requirements. ECOshrimp recently started commercialization…

Feat Food

Feat Food provides customers with unique and fully tailor made ready to eat meals that completely matches their individual needs. We achieve this through our proprietary personalization machine learning models and algorithms.


F4A is a technology company aiming to reduce food waste and ease the access to affordable food by promoting short-term consumption products and optimizing the food supply chain on a supermarket level. (App & AI based software).


“Helping farmers to improve the profitability of their crops through the use of innovative biological solutions” Ficosterra is a Spanish company that applies marine biotechnology to agriculture. Our name comes from ficos (meaning seaweed in Greek) and terra (meaning land in Latin) is a reflection of our essence: to transform seaweed for their application in agriculture. We produce Biofertilizers…


Foodini connects people with food allergies and dietary needs to the restaurants with the most suitable options for them. Foodini’s app shows users an exact breakdown of what they can and can’t eat on each menu. We onboard restaurants to our platform through a team of registered dietitians who ensure that all of the menu items, ingredients and allergens…

Good Club

Good Club is making sustainable living accessible to everyone. As an online grocer, we provide sustainable brands and staples at 20% to 30% lower than other retailers. Our new Zero Waste range allows customers to buy their staples in reusable pots which are returned to Good Club for cleaning and reuse.

Green Killer Weeds

Green Killer Weeds has developed a robot capable of selectively removing weeds and pests from crops through artificial intelligence, being the only 100 % non-toxic solution in the market. Green Killer Weeds technology identifies the target species and radiates electromagnetic waves to dehydrate them without causing damage to the crops. In addition, Green Killer Weeds offers to end-users, the…


Innomy is a fungi-based meat product platform. Innomy creates whole foods based on fungal protein that replicate the experience of consuming meat with low environmental impact and the unique nutritional benefits of mushrooms. Spain – Country Delegation. ICEX -Invest in Spain

Invisible Foods

Because food is life, and gives life, it should never be wasted! Invisible Foods is a smart digital platform that enables fruit and vegetable wholesalers to efficiently manage and sell, their fast ripening stock. We use data and intelligent algorithms to quickly identify, quantify and match, with the right distribution channels.

Mary’s Recipes

Mary’s Recipes is a free mobile app that generates a balanced menu plan and helps to buy food in one click. Users will have a personalised weekly plan, along with a customed menu for all of your family’s need.

MOA Foodtech

MOA foodtech combines biotechnology and artificial intelligence to transform waste and by-products of the agri-food industry into a ” next generation protein ” with high nutritional value and 100% sustainable.

Natural Crunch

Natural Crunch was created with the aim of facilitating the consumption of fruits and vegetables for a healthier and more balanced diet, aware that the main instrument we have to take care of our health is FOOD, which will have to be healthier, more sustainable, convenient and safer. We are working with a specific focus on the healthy snacking…


Natural Nanotechnology for Nutrition and Health Nanocapsules of Food Proteins, a natural, safe and efficient solution for oral administration of bioactive ingredients, drugs and probiotics. NUCAPS improves people’s health as we help to produce better food and supplements by making nutritional ingredients stable, easy to absorb, healthy and natural. We are experts in research, development and manufacturing in encapsulation…


Transforming flour-based foods! Ottavivo exploits a ‘step-change’ invention: a process by which many foods currently made of flour (wheat or other) can instead be made largely of real fresh vegetables. This process, patented across Europe, transforms their healthiness and digestibility, but loses nothing in taste. And by making products colourful, it makes them more attractive to consumers too!

Pink Albatross

At Pink Albatross, we make delicious and creamy ice creams with natural ingredients. Our mission is to redefine our relationship with food by making room for the good stuff. We make food clean, sustainable and plant-based. Spain – Country Delegation. ICEX -Invest in Spain

The Raging Pig Company

The Raging Pig Company is porking for a better future by developing plant-based, healthy and amazingly delicious alternative pork products, starting off with the crown jewel of pork: Bacon. By merging state-of-the-art foodtech with pop culture, Raging Pig is set out to drive the plant-based revolution that we all been loining for. No more boaring meals!


RawData is an agtech company that helps the agriculture sector from digitizing to the use of AI to improve decision farming. Spain – Country Delegation. ICEX -Invest in Spain


Rooteco is a biofertilisers company that offers 100 % organic microorganisms compatible with agriculture that improve productivity and homogeneity, reducing environmental impact and reducing the costs of traditional fertilisers. Spain – Country Delegation. ICEX -Invest in Spain

Roslin Technologies

Roslin Technologies is an ambitious, cutting‐edge biotech company focused on food and agriculture. Our mission is to advance disruptive technologies to improve how we produce proteins. Our primary focus is on animal cells. Our goal is to use our unique cells to create and lead the market for cell lines to enable cultivated meat to reach the mass market.


SimpleFoods is doing what nobody else is doing: it is the first healthy, frozen e-grocery. Frozen food is a $40B market that has not evolved in the past fifty years, and we want to change that – we leverage the best of frozen by powering technology and branding at the same time. What’s unique about SimpleFoods and differentiates it from all…

Slow Philosophy

Slow Philosophy is an agriTech company that assists to all the stakeholders of the public and private sectors to decide where to cultivate certain crops, assuring a regenerative virtuous cycle and a successful business model. We connect empty fields and degraded soils with those who can cultivate them, using the most disruptive tech and having the support of our…


Soplaya connects chefs and farmers directly through a sustainable, automated, and customer-centric B2B food supply service. With over €3M annualized GMV (2x YoY), Soplaya offers flawless custom payments, single invoice, single delivery for thousands of ingredients in 12/48 hours and up to 20% savings for restaurants, while granting technology, logistics, and better margins & payments for producers.


SOUJI is an innovative and disruptive liquid compound that manages to recycle used vegetable oil, turning it into ecological soap / detergent, with a pleasant aroma, in one minute and without the use of caustic soda, or any type of corrosive agent. A classic way to recycle oil and make homemade soap with today’s technology. Presenting a completely new…

Tie Up Farming

Working with Australia’s largest farms (enterprise level), TieUp Farming is an end-to-end operations platform that connects management decisions to the bottom line, leveraging advanced data science to help growers operate their farms, profitably: Streamlined workflow Complete traceability Reduced costs Improved yield Optimize sustainability Our unique data enables us to create an extremely granular profile of a farm’s financial health. We sit at the core of the grower’s…

Time Travelling Milkman

Creaminess comes from fat, not protein. Alternative protein sources are abundant, but the importance of the fat element has been overlooked. Without this, there will be no protein transition. Time-Travelling Milkman (TTM) produces and sells plant-based fat ingredient for creamier, healthier and more sustainable plant-based products. TTM’s unsaturated fat ingredients are made through a process that extracts natural fat…


xFarm is a tech company that aims to digitize agrifood supply chains through digital farming. The digital transformation process is completely led by xFarm, from requirement analysis to tech implementation and farm training, giving farmers apps & sensors for data collection and farm management, while an Analytics dashboard for the stakeholder is used to aggregate, calculate and show data. xFarm…