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Event series 2024

Food Security

Whilst the global demand for greater food production increases, the resources to produce that food have never been under more pressure: resources, which are often unsustainable, and clearly vulnerable to global events and the rapidly accelerating effects of environmental and climate change. 

Almost every country relies on imports to feed its population (the UK imports 50% of its food needs), and therefore dependent on a food system which is international, inter-connected and fragile. 

Finding ways to make that system more resilient is a pressing challenge, especially as the food system is complex, and greater food security comes with international co-operation, trade-offs, difficult decisions, and investment in new practices, technologies and solutions.

Bringing key stakeholders together

Food Matters Live will be hosting events dedicated to UK food security in 2024, bringing together people who work in:

Food security policy and strategy 

Climate and environmental research

Food manufacturing, retail and foodservice

– Food importers and exporters

Ingredient supply

Purchasing and supply chain

Logistics and distribution 

Agri-tech science and innovation


– Business services to the food industry

Food security

Themes of the events

This series of events will address pressing food security issues including national food policy initiatives, strategies to re-think agriculture and develop aquaculture, mechanisms to support agri-foodtech innovation, drivers to strengthen resilience through supply chains as well as how to secure and sustain investment.

More updates soon

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