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Industry insights

Discover insights from leaders in the food industry on personal development, the different types of careers available and what skills you need to succeed.

Advice for future female leaders: Put together a personal development plan. Set out your ambition, where do you see yourself in the industry and how do you want to get there? Then seek out and surround yourself with great people to help you.

Professor Gráinne Allen
Director of Food & Innovation
McDonald’s UK & Ireland

The first thing I would say to a graduate is do something that you enjoy. I’ve changed careers three times. This industry allows you to move around a lot between roles. Always look at a cultural fit from a business perspective.

Simon Hague
Global LGBTQI Transformation Lead, Tea, Coffee and Cocoa EUM Lead, APME

Having self-awareness is very important.

An individual understanding their own strengths and personal styles makes it easy to map and manage change. You can understand where you are and be able to optimise your career and your current role. It’s crucial.

Andy Griffiths
Head of Value Chain Sustainability
lady standing in kitchen with drinks

Being a people person first and foremost is incredibly important in our industry. What’s my consumer looking for and how can my brand connect more meaningfully with the consumer. So being passionate about people, being able to build and maintain relationships and being someone who can wear many hats will do well in the food industry

Claire Warner
Co-founder, Æcorn

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