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Packaging & Design Careers

Graduate careers in packaging and design in the food industry

“Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story” – Steve Jobs

High quality product packaging is important in every industry. However, it is especially important in the food industry. Being able to make a product stand out is crucial to bring success to a business, so companies are always looking for skilled packaging designers. 

Food packaging protects the product, avoids contamination and damage, and keeps the product safe for consumption. It displays crucial nutritional information, and drives consumer motivation and in-store marketing

A career in this area is bound to help you make your mark and bring success to a business and brand.  

How can a career in packaging help save the planet?

“When it comes to sustainability, packaging plays a critical part, for the simple reason that it is the first thing the consumer sees but also the last thing, so it’s very tangible. By realising that you generate a large amount of waste, it amplifies the problem and the drive to find a solution.” – Feliks Bezati Leader of the Global Packaging Agenda, Mars

production line illustration

Is a degree in product design your starting point? 

A common route into this career is to carry out a Level 3 qualification in art and design subjects (A level/BTEC/IB diploma/Access diploma) followed by a university degree in a subject such as product design or graphic design. 

Although, a degree is not considered a requirement. Some companies hire entry level designers from their portfolio and experience, however you will have to ensure you are able to successfully demonstrate you have picked up key skills. 

As well as this, having experience as an assistant in a design studio or workshop is always considered beneficial. 

Some of the skills you could need in this career: 

  • Good research skills as you will need to gain an understanding of your target market 
  • The ability to use graphic design software 
  • A creative mind and the ability to come up with new concepts and ideas 
  • The ability to think logically to understand what is demanded of you from a project and how to go about it 
  • Great communication skills and the ability to work well in a team 
  • Knowledge of industrial processes and standards 
  • The ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines 
  • Be able to sketch your ideas  

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