Packaging & Design Careers

Graduate careers in packaging and design in the food industry

So, you have a degree in Product Design

Skills you have that companies look for:

Skills you have that companies look for:

High-quality product packaging is important in every industry. However, it’s perhaps the most important in the food industry.

For a career which is changing the way we live, make food your future.

You could be a:

Food Packaging Designer

Packaging Technologist

Food Product Innovator

Materials Engineer

Food Brand Designer

CAD Technologist

drink section of a supermarket

Why is effective food packaging design so important?

  • Protects the product, avoids contamination and damage
  • Keeps the product safe for consumption
  • Displays crucial nutritional information
  • Drives consumer motivation and in-store marketing
  • Conveys brand message to consumers

To join a 4.3 million strong workforce, make food your future

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