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Business & Marketing Careers

Every company in the food and drink industry needs business and marketing professionals. If you have an interest in this area and an interest in food, this industry is for you.  

Did you know that the food and drink industry is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector? It contributes £30bn to the economy annually, employs over 468,000 people (FDF, 2022) and business acumen has been identified as a top skill by employers in this industry. 

Did you know?

A degree in business is a great foundation for a career in the food industry. Business acumen has been identified as a top skill by employers in our industry

Is a degree necessary for a role within a business and marketing career?

Some find their way into a business or marketing careers by doing a degree specifically in this area, however there are also opportunities to enter this pathway through alternative routes. 

If you have a degree in another subject, it is possible to carry out an internship in business and marketing through a company, to kickstart your career whilst learning on the job. 

It is also possible to enter a career in business or marketing through apprenticeship programmes, if university is not something you wish to pursue. 

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