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food Matters live

FAQs – Speakers

Which software will you be using for the live webcasts?
We will be using BigMarker.

Will I need to download BigMarker’s programme beforehand?
No, there is no programme available for download. You will have access to the webinar via your browser.

What are the system requirements for an optimal experience?

We recommend you check your system here!

Will there be a practice session ahead of the live webinar?
Yes, your dedicated Food Matters Live host will contact you to schedule a practice session to ensure you are comfortable using BigMarker.

How will I access my session?
You will receive a calendar invite from your dedicated Food Matters Live host with your personalised link. When you open the link, you will be granted access to the webinar landing page.

How long in advance can I access my session?
You are advised to join your session 15 minutes before the starting time. All the session speakers, the chair and the dedicated Food Matters Live host will be connected to a virtual waiting room.

Do I have to attend the entire seminar session, or can I just arrive when I am due to present?
You need to be present for the entire webinar session, but we ask you to mute your microphone and switch your camera off during the other speakers’ presentations. Please connect to your webinar session 15 minutes before its starting time.

How long am I speaking for? 
Find your seminar session agenda including presentation times via here.

Should I allow time for questions?
If you have been allocated a presentation slot, please ensure your last 10 minutes are for questions only. If you are part of a panel discussion, your moderator will manage the questions throughout the session.

What happens if my presentation runs over time?
The chair of your session will ensure presentations are kept to time. You will be informed to wrap up your presentation if it is about to run over. Please time your presentation in advance to ensure you can complete it in the time allocated.

What are the presentation requirements?

Your presentation should be provided in a PDF format and the file size limit is 100MB. Please note that the standard 4:3 ratio is the preferred format for your presentation, and anything less than 12 point will be difficult to read. Also bear in mind that if you are showing graphs/statistical information this size font will apply too.  

Is there are deadline to submit my presentation?
Yes. Please send your presentation in PDF to no later than Thursday, 11 November. This will enable us to upload the presentation and ensure it is working in advance. Please also ensure you have saved it in an easy to reach folder in your laptop should we need access to it on the day. You will not be able to resubmit your presentation after Thursday, 11 November. If you have made changes to it, you will need to upload directly to the system just before your webinar.

What if my presentation is too big to email?  
Please use the free web upload/drop box service: Just upload your presentation and provide the following email as the recipient. We will notify you once received.

Can I show video footage during my presentation?  
Yes, you can show videos during your presentation time, but you must send the MP4 file (no bigger than 12GB) or YouTube link to by Thursday, 11 November.

What will happen to my presentation after the event? 
We will not be sharing your presentation on its own. However, the recordings of the webcasts will be available on demand for the Food Matters Live 2021 attendees.