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Lab grown meat concept as laboratory equipment developing artifical beef Sustainable
09-09-2231 min read

Cultured meat: the future of food is slaughter-free

A female chef in a white uniform and a black apron in the restaurant kitchen. Cooking a salad. The cook rubs the parmesan cheese on a small grater.
05-09-223 min read

Food Matters Live launches Tastes of Better event series

farmer spraying crops with fertiliser mist on a bright morning
30-08-223 min read

Finnish start-up Tracegrow attracts new funding to turn batteries into fertiliser

group of young men and women standing together in office setting
30-08-223 min read

Nestlé develops digital platform for young entrepreneurs in the food sector

two men in white lab coats and hair nets standing in room with bioreactors
25-08-223 min read

UK start-up Ivy Farm opens largest cultivated meat production plant in Europe

Man ordering food through an app
23-08-227 min read

5 Top food trends of 2022: exploring the trends emerging from a post-pandemic world

Modern greenhouse for growing Strawberry with irrigation system
22-08-223 min read

EIT Food announces open funding call for collaborative agrifood innovation

blue gloved hand holding a petri dish of lab-grown red meat, against a white background and various scientific implements
22-08-223 min read

Norway invests in cellular agriculture to secure the ‘food of the future’

vegan protein pieces with red peppers in pan with wooden spoon
18-08-222 min read

Bioweg develops bio-based hydrocolloid to make more plant-based products ‘clean-label’

ploughed furrows in field with blue sky Sustainable
16-08-223 min read

Soil monitor Terra Nova developed to prevent degradation of arable land

Close-up of racks of LED lit and carefully tended living plant crops in an all-season vertical garden
11-08-223 min read

New vertical farming training scheme to be trialled at British prison

bowl of strawberries
08-08-223 min read

Researchers develop low-calorie sweetener which could improve gut health

Eating healthy concept as green human lips biting into a group of fruit and vegetables
05-08-2210 min read

The evolution of taste: flavours of the past, present and future

person taking a photo with phone of food Sustainable
04-08-223 min read

Researchers at Aalto University develop blockchain-backed app to help consumers make sustainable food choices

black and white picture of young black man with dreadlocks
02-08-222 min read

Chris Smalling’s VC firm ForGood invests in plant-based burger and sauce brand The Vurger Co

Bowl with greek yogurt, raspberries and granola.
01-08-222 min read

Wilk to develop ‘world’s first’ yoghurt using cell-cultured milk fat

Cherry ice cream on the dark rustic background Sustainable
29-07-226 min read

7 plant-based trends and innovations we’ve seen so far in 2022

Open fridge full of fresh fruits, vegetables and drinks
28-07-222 min read

Oli-Tec develops time and temperature sensitive smart label to reduce food waste

food waste plastic bag on wooden table Sustainable
28-07-224 min read

Is solving the waste crisis just a waste of time?

White meat breaded nuggets over green background
27-07-222 min read

SuperMeat signs agreement with Switzerland’s largest supermarket and meat manufacturer to produce cultivated chicken at commercial scale

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