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Lab grown cultured meat concept for artificial in vitro cell culture meat production with frozen packed raw beef meat with made up red label
18-03-222 min read

Dutch House of Representatives passes motion to make cell-based meat sampling legal

smoked salmon Sustainable
17-03-222 min read

Israeli start-up SimpliiGood creates plant-based smoked salmon from spirulina algae

burger king new plant based restaurant entrance
11-03-222 min read

Burger King UK goes 100% plant-based with new London flagship branch

bowl of barley and vegetables
11-03-223 min read

WHO praises benefits of plant-based diets but warns against UPFs and nutrient deficiencies

closeup of beef burger Sustainable
10-03-222 min read

Lab-grown meat start-up Mzansi Meat to unveil first cultivated beef burger in Africa

mycorena cubes of promyc
10-03-223 min read

Mycoprotein start-up Mycorena closes “largest ever” Nordic Series A investment

wheat crops in field at sunset
09-03-224 min read

FAO urges consideration of future food safety regulations amid sustainability and rising prices concerns

Albert Heijn supermarket products in their packaging Sustainable
07-03-222 min read

The Netherlands’ largest supermarket chain Albert Heijn to go majority plant-based by 2030

Arkeon core team
07-03-223 min read

Austrian start-up Arkeon secures $7M to turn CO2 into food with sights set on Mars

Singapore cityscape view
28-02-222 min read

Better Bite Ventures launches $15M fund to support Asia’s alt-protein start-ups

vegan burger
25-02-222 min read

Start-up Yali Bio raises $3.9M in funding to develop plant-based fats

NotCo milk product being poured into blue cup on dark blue background Sustainable
24-02-222 min read

Kraft Heinz begins new joint venture with plant-based start-up NotCo

Wildtype sushi salmon on a plate
23-02-224 min read

Cultivated salmon start-up Wildtype raises $100M in funding with investment from Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeff Bezos and Robert Downey Jr.

Omari McQueen holding school lunch plate Sustainable
22-02-223 min read

The Green School Menu League competition which aims to get 15M meat-free meals into schools launches

lab-grown meat
22-02-222 min read

British cell-based meat start-up CellulaREvolution receives £1.75M in funding

plant-based egg in clear shell, on wooden background
21-02-222 min read

Start-up Le Papondu to launch plant-based egg substitute in restaurants in France

bowl of noodles and cup of tea
17-02-222 min read

Solar Foods raises €10M to invest in its Factory 01 facility

TiNDLE Butter Chicken
15-02-222 min read

Plant-based chicken start-up TiNDLE raises $100M in biggest ever funding round with help from investors including Paul McCartney

UAE skyline
14-02-223 min read

Food and Beverage show Gulfood 2022 kicks off in UAE

illustration of 100K Sustainable
10-02-225 min read

Table Talk celebrates reaching 100,000 listens

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