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Minecraft game still, pixelated man, intended to be aeroponics engineer, stands in front of pixelated greenery
17-11-223 min read

Vertical farming start-up and charity team up to launch Minecraft game to educate kids on the future of food

Assorted cheeses on a wooden cutting Board. Camembert, brie, Parmesan and blue cheese with grapes and walnuts, on white background
16-11-223 min read

Bel Group teams up with Standing Ovation to develop animal-free casein protein for cheese

Group of diverse people working on a new product
15-11-228 min read

What is food product development?

woman working in a food manufacturing plant
14-11-225 min read

Nearly half of manufacturers have cut or halted investment projects as cost pressures bite, reveals FDF

Aerial photo of Bosco Verticale, Vertical Forest, in Milan, Porta Nuova district. Sustainable
09-11-223 min read

EU-funded Food Trails Project calls for submissions to improve sustainability of food systems in 11 European cities

Cell cultured lab grown meat concept for artificial in vitro production with packed raw minced meat on side of red background
27-10-223 min read

Good Food Institute and EIT reveal winners of the Cultivated Meat Innovation Challenge

Solein ingredients in hummus product in bowl with slate board of solein-based cheese
26-10-223 min read

Solar Foods receives novel food approval for sale of Solein in Singapore

Hand holds a shopping basket
26-10-226 min read

What will the supermarket of the future look like?

low and no alcohol trends
14-10-225 min read

Why everyone should be aware of low and no alcohol trends

sweet and sour pork served in a dish on blue table with vegetables in background
13-10-224 min read

Meatable to become first cultured pork producer in Singapore

Group of businesspeople having a discussion in a boardroom, looking at a laptop. Sustainable
11-10-222 min read

13 global start-ups join ProVeg Incubator accelerator programme

Lab grown cell cultured meat concept
07-10-222 min read

Start-up Vow opens one of the biggest cultured meat plants in the world following novel food dossier submission

DNA helix Sustainable
05-10-224 min read

Busting myths about protein

Group of young men and women sat around table outdoors discussing work. Brightly lit background
03-10-223 min read

Santander launches Global Challenge to support foodtech innovation with ‘lasting social and economic impact’

Aerial view of coast by Appin with views over Shuna Island Scotland Sustainable
28-09-229 min read

The rapid growth of aquaculture and the innovations ensuring its sustainability

Vegan sashimi with mustard aside Sustainable
22-09-222 min read

UKRI research council pledges £20M towards sustainable protein R&D

aerial short of four ice cream desserts in pastel colours against a white marbled backdrop
14-09-223 min read

Nestlé and Perfect Day collaborate on new animal-free dairy project

Baked camembert cheese on board with cranberries, honey, balsamic vineger garnish and peaches on dark background
13-09-223 min read

Start-up Nutropy raises €2M to produce next generation plant-based French cheeses using precision fermentation

a cheese board aerial shot with different rounds of cheese, breads, grapes and cutlery Sustainable
12-09-222 min read

PowerPlant Partners raises $330M to support ‘next generation’ sustainable food companies

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