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Vegan food on a table
22-09-223 min read

What’s next for plant-based?

Vegan sashimi with mustard aside Sustainable
22-09-222 min read

UKRI research council pledges £20M towards sustainable protein R&D

Azelis innovation day
21-09-222 min read

Food innovation solutions: Collaborate to innovate at a time where consumers demand more

Surreal image of a woman reading sitting on top of a book
16-09-222 min read

Welcome from the editor: learning from history

aerial short of four ice cream desserts in pastel colours against a white marbled backdrop
14-09-223 min read

Nestlé and Perfect Day collaborate on new animal-free dairy project

Baked camembert cheese on board with cranberries, honey, balsamic vineger garnish and peaches on dark background
13-09-223 min read

Start-up Nutropy raises €2M to produce next generation plant-based French cheeses using precision fermentation

three men and one women standing looking forward smiling, wearing black, green and blue clothing
05-09-223 min read

Swiss plant-based start-up Planted raises €72M in Series B round

illustration of person's head as bars with two hands trying to break free
02-09-222 min read

Welcome from the editor: knowledge is power

Scambled eggs on sliced bread with three hands picking at it Sustainable
25-08-223 min read

Tokyo start-up develops vegan egg using konjac and enzymes

vegan protein pieces with red peppers in pan with wooden spoon
18-08-222 min read

Bioweg develops bio-based hydrocolloid to make more plant-based products ‘clean-label’

Oat milk in a glass and mug on a blue background. Oat flakes on a wooden plate
09-08-222 min read

Oat milk now cheaper than most cow’s milk in Germany as cost of living crisis intensifies

West Sussex countryside Sustainable
03-08-223 min read

Plant Based Treaty: town in Sussex becomes first town in Europe to adopt proposal

black and white picture of young black man with dreadlocks
02-08-222 min read

Chris Smalling’s VC firm ForGood invests in plant-based burger and sauce brand The Vurger Co

Man eating the world illustration
29-07-222 min read

Welcome from the editor: let them eat cake

Cherry ice cream on the dark rustic background Sustainable
29-07-226 min read

7 plant-based trends and innovations we’ve seen so far in 2022

plant-based sausage and mash
29-07-225 min read

France pauses ban on ‘meaty’ labels for plant-based products

group of people eating together, well-filled table with lots of plates and healthy food Sustainable
28-07-223 min read

Plant-based alternatives healthier than meat and processing can be nutritionally beneficial, study finds

plant-based steak on a plate with garnish Sustainable
26-07-222 min read

Redefine Meat’s 3D-printed plant-based Flank Steaks to be offered at five restaurants in London

Parliament Hill atop a dramatic hill overlooking the Ottawa River
14-07-223 min read

Canadian government invests $1.4 million in plant-based whole foods company Big Mountain Foods

people's hands over table, group eating vegan dinner Sustainable
08-07-223 min read

Alternative protein transition accelerated by health and climate conscious consumers, study says

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