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Group of businesspeople having a discussion in a boardroom, looking at a laptop. Sustainable
11-10-222 min read

13 global start-ups join ProVeg Incubator accelerator programme

Closeup of man eating spaghetti with crispy worms
10-10-224 min read

How insect protein could be the key to a sustainable global food system

Lab grown cell cultured meat concept
07-10-222 min read

Start-up Vow opens one of the biggest cultured meat plants in the world following novel food dossier submission

Group of young men and women sat around table outdoors discussing work. Brightly lit background
03-10-223 min read

Santander launches Global Challenge to support foodtech innovation with ‘lasting social and economic impact’

Vegan food on a table
22-09-223 min read

What’s next for plant-based?

cultured meat in a petri dish, alongside other science equipment and scissors
21-09-2214 min read

What is lab-grown meat? The implications of lab-grown meat discussed by the experts

US president Joe biden speaking into microphones against backdrop of american flags
15-09-222 min read

Joe Biden signs executive order backing foodtech such as fermentation and cellular agriculture

aerial short of four ice cream desserts in pastel colours against a white marbled backdrop
14-09-223 min read

Nestlé and Perfect Day collaborate on new animal-free dairy project

a cheese board aerial shot with different rounds of cheese, breads, grapes and cutlery Sustainable
12-09-222 min read

PowerPlant Partners raises $330M to support ‘next generation’ sustainable food companies

Arch Bridge (Rakotzbrucke) in Kromlau
09-09-222 min read

Welcome from the editor: evolution

Lab grown meat concept as laboratory equipment developing artifical beef Sustainable
09-09-2231 min read

Cultured meat: the future of food is slaughter-free

illustration of person's head as bars with two hands trying to break free
02-09-222 min read

Welcome from the editor: knowledge is power

two men in white lab coats and hair nets standing in room with bioreactors
25-08-223 min read

UK start-up Ivy Farm opens largest cultivated meat production plant in Europe

blue gloved hand holding a petri dish of lab-grown red meat, against a white background and various scientific implements
22-08-223 min read

Norway invests in cellular agriculture to secure the ‘food of the future’

babybel cheese in red wax coating placed on a wooden board on a wooden table Sustainable
15-08-222 min read

Bel Group partners with Superbrewed to develop postbiotic cultured proteins for cheese

split image of two men, one in a dark suit and another wearing a blue shirt against a background of posters
03-08-223 min read

Cellular agriculture professorship launched at Massey University in New Zealand

Man eating the world illustration
29-07-222 min read

Welcome from the editor: let them eat cake

Cherry ice cream on the dark rustic background Sustainable
29-07-226 min read

7 plant-based trends and innovations we’ve seen so far in 2022

plant-based sausage and mash
29-07-225 min read

France pauses ban on ‘meaty’ labels for plant-based products

group of people eating together, well-filled table with lots of plates and healthy food Sustainable
28-07-223 min read

Plant-based alternatives healthier than meat and processing can be nutritionally beneficial, study finds

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