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Fungal rust disease on leaves
09-06-223 min read

New gene breakthrough at University of Sydney could protect global cereal crops from disease

Queen's University Belfast Lanyon building during graduation Sustainable
26-05-223 min read

Queen’s University Belfast opens Centre for Excellence in Agriculture and Food Integrity

Houses of Parliament London
25-05-224 min read

Gene editing bill introduced to parliament in hope of boosting food security

single tomato on yellow background
24-05-225 min read

“A clear and urgent public health need”: Professor Cathie Martin on her team’s vitamin D-rich gene edited tomatoes

Gut brain connection illustration
13-05-229 min read

Gut health explained: what it is and how to improve it

Selection of carbohydrates on wood background
14-04-225 min read

New scoring system that shows in depth carbohydrate nutritional value developed in the US

painting of people enjoying a feast
08-04-222 min read

Welcome from the editor: the history of food and drink

Collagen powder and glass of water on bright background
28-03-225 min read

What is collagen, and what is it good for?

collagen powder in spoon on blue background
22-03-222 min read

Israeli start-up Aleph Farms to develop cultivated collagen

Range of Bio&Me gut-loving granolas
11-03-223 min read

Gut health food brand Bio&Me raises £1.4million in funding round with help from England Captain Harry Kane

Arkeon core team
07-03-223 min read

Austrian start-up Arkeon secures $7M to turn CO2 into food with sights set on Mars

mother and daughter picnic
01-03-223 min read

Ultra Processed Foods, gut health and pollution all contribute to childhood obesity, says new study

people eating at the table
24-02-222 min read

Vegetarians and vegans are less likely to develop prostate and breast cancer, University of Oxford study reveals

Cutlery and recepticles on dining table in Chinese restaurant
18-02-226 min read

How receptacles and cutlery affect our eating and drinking experience

illustration of 100K Sustainable
10-02-225 min read

Table Talk celebrates reaching 100,000 listens

elderly couple eating together
01-02-222 min read

AI technology is being developed to tackle malnutrition in care homes

Pouring olive oil into bowl
19-01-223 min read

Olive oil lowers risk of mortality, American College of Cardiology study finds

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