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people at the Sustainable Food Forum panel Sustainable
20-09-234 min read

Sustainable Food Forum: “We love meat, we just don’t think it should come from animals”

two programmers working together on a computer code at night
20-09-234 min read

New AI platform which analyses and predicts success rate of NPD is unveiled

panel at the Sustainable Food Forum Sustainable
19-09-234 min read

Sustainable Food Forum: “We’re producing more food than we need, but we’re still hungry”

Man dressed in white sitting down Sustainable
18-09-234 min read

Sustainable Food Forum: in conversation with Alberto Musacchio, Food Evolution CEO

man wearing glasses and a blue shirt smiling Sustainable
18-09-2312 min read

Bruce Friedrich interview: “Building a better and more sustainable food system is one of the most important challenges of our age.”

Woman eating pasta
15-09-232 min read

Welcome from the editor: ever-changing trends

cultured pork sausages on blue background Sustainable
15-09-233 min read

Biotech company The Cultivated B enters pre-submission process for cultured meat approval in Europe

A close-up image of fermenting grapes Sustainable
14-09-234 min read

The rich past and promising future of fermentation

chlorella powder Sustainable
12-09-233 min read

EIT Food and Blendhub announce winners of Affordable Nutrition Scale-Up Challenge

man looks at food order options on a laptop and his phone on wooden table, with notepad, glass of water and glass water bottle Sustainable
12-09-233 min read

Just Eat for Business to trial carbon labelling to raise awareness of environmental impact of office food

drinks production plant, bottles on production line Sustainable
08-09-232 min read

CCEP supports research into using captured CO2 in plastic packaging production

A split photo featuring guests from the Food Matters Live Green Pioneer interview series, including Bruce Friedrich of the Good Food Institute
08-09-234 min read

Meet the green pioneers leading a sustainable revolution

Assorted green and red Swiss chard leaves outside on sunny day Sustainable
07-09-233 min read

ICL teams up with Agrematch to develop novel plant nutrition solution using AI

Chet Willcock IFF chef
06-09-235 min read

IFF: Where science meets creativity

THIS Isn't Bacon plant-based product in plastic wrapping with design for Dutch market on light green background Sustainable
05-09-232 min read

THIS makes first international launch at Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn  

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