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kwasi kwarteng reaching across a table with a man and union jack in the back ground
21-09-224 min read

Government announces business energy cap

cultured meat in a petri dish, alongside other science equipment and scissors
21-09-2214 min read

What is lab-grown meat? The implications of lab-grown meat discussed by the experts

cartoon of human with digestive system to illustrate probiotics benefits
20-09-2214 min read

The truth behind probiotics benefits for sports performance and more

Pastel blue image of plate with a footprint on it and human hand food and beverage investors uk Sustainable
20-09-2212 min read

How are UK food and beverage investors bringing about sustainable change?

background of collaged fruit and vegetables in bright colours, with a white head and brain made of veggies
20-09-2213 min read

Unlocking the secrets behind brain food

bowl of soup noodles with herbs on a checkered cloth with chopsticks
20-09-222 min read

Japanese scientists debut electrified spoon and bowl which adds salty flavour to food

Rubbish bags on the sidewalk in Montmartre, district of Paris
20-09-224 min read

EU wastes 153M tonnes of food each year says Feedback EU report

Close up shot of fresh Arabic bread produced by the vending machine, dispensed in a cardboard tray
20-09-222 min read

Dubai rolls out free ‘Bread for All’ initiative using vending machines

Surreal image of a woman reading sitting on top of a book
16-09-222 min read

Welcome from the editor: learning from history

red lips with a stream of junk food between them and a drop of grease descending
16-09-224 min read

A week in news: the latest food and drink headlines from 12-16 September

Beginning of the French Revolution, wood engraving, published in 1900
16-09-229 min read

Food scarcity and civil unrest: what we can learn from the past

US president Joe biden speaking into microphones against backdrop of american flags
15-09-222 min read

Joe Biden signs executive order backing foodtech such as fermentation and cellular agriculture

close-up view of pouring fresh organic milk into bowl with corn flakes on pink background
15-09-223 min read

University of Birmingham publishes first ever study of synthetic chemicals found in UK food

aerial short of four ice cream desserts in pastel colours against a white marbled backdrop
14-09-223 min read

Nestlé and Perfect Day collaborate on new animal-free dairy project

Flags in front of the EU Commission building in Brussels Sustainable
13-09-223 min read

EU Parliament votes in favour of limiting sales of goods produced on deforested or degraded land

podcast recording in a studio Sustainable
13-09-2214 min read

Featured food podcasts by industry experts

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