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cheese board Sustainable
26-04-228 min read

The best vegan/plant-based cheese: taste test

Close-up of female chef hand squeezing lime juice onto plate with spinach, brown noodles and tempeh
21-04-229 min read

What are the best plant-based and vegan protein sources? Our top picks

quorn vegetarian vegan food spread
21-04-225 min read

Is Quorn vegan friendly? What you should know if you’re vegan

vegan and mushroom noodle soup
21-04-225 min read

Is tofu vegan? Everything you should know about tofu products

Marc Coloma and Bernat Ananos from Heura, two men cooking with yellow aprons Sustainable
14-04-223 min read

Heura raises €4M in 12 hours in crowdfunding campaign

People around a table in a start-up office
13-04-223 min read

7 international start-ups join the latest ProVeg Incubator accelerator programme

Leaft co-founders Maury Leyland penno and Dr John Penno standing in field of green plants Sustainable
11-04-223 min read

New Zealand-based start-up Leaft Foods secures $15M to extract plant-based protein from leaves

Redefine Meat at Selfidges
08-04-222 min read

Selfridges to serve Redefine Meat’s 3D-printed plant-based meat in its restaurants

Amazon forest burning Sustainable
07-04-223 min read

Good Food Institute Europe urges investment in plant-based and cultivated meat following IPCC report

Eat Just plant-based egg approved by EU Commission
06-04-223 min read

Eat Just’s plant-based egg one step closer to EU market following novel food approval

colourful houses, ancient bridge and river. Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe Sustainable
06-04-222 min read

Danish Government to invest DKK 675 million in plant-based fund

Marc Coloma of Heura Foods Sustainable
06-04-227 min read

Green pioneer interview: Marc Coloma, Heura Foods CEO

Wall Street
31-03-222 min read

VegTech Invest to launch the world’s first plant-based innovation index

Roasted seitan steaks
29-03-223 min read

Price parity for plant-based protein is on its way and will lead to huge growth, study finds

Fried vegan soy steak with rosemary, salt and pepper on black plate on wooden background
24-03-222 min read

Indian start-up Demolish Foods unveils new plant-protein fibres that mimic meat muscle

vegan dishes
18-03-2211 min read

Is a plant-based diet healthy?

smoked salmon Sustainable
17-03-222 min read

Israeli start-up SimpliiGood creates plant-based smoked salmon from spirulina algae

burger king new plant based restaurant entrance
11-03-222 min read

Burger King UK goes 100% plant-based with new London flagship branch

bowl of barley and vegetables
11-03-223 min read

WHO praises benefits of plant-based diets but warns against UPFs and nutrient deficiencies

mycorena cubes of promyc
10-03-223 min read

Mycoprotein start-up Mycorena closes “largest ever” Nordic Series A investment

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