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Tel Aviv coastline and skyline Sustainable
01-03-235 min read

Israel continues to strengthen its position in foodtech as it leads the global alternative protein sector investments

Yogurt and berries on blue table
24-02-232 min read

Remilk receives regulatory approval by Singapore Food Authority (SFA) and No Question Letter from FDA

screen at a conference Sustainable
24-02-239 min read

NFU Conference 2023: farming experts and politicians tackle 5 key talking points

table laid with plates and cutlery containing deliveroo boxes
21-02-232 min read

Investment into foodtech up to £27bn, with delivery apps taking a big bite

21-02-232 min read

Precision fermentation trade association formed by foodtech start-ups

red oil being poured from glass cyclinder, held by hand in blue rubber glove
10-02-233 min read

Estonian start-up raises €1M to develop oils and fats from sawdust

man smiling and wearing a suit Sustainable
03-02-237 min read

Interview: Didier Toubia, CEO and co-founder, Aleph Farms

scientist holding ipad on a farm
03-02-233 min read

Applications for EIT Food’s Entrepreneurship Programmes 2023 now open

steak on white plate on wooden table, beige brown background
01-02-234 min read

British 3D Bio-Tissues produces and tastes ‘first-ever’ cultivated meat steak made entirely from pig cells

Mozzarella cheese in a wooden plate with lettuce
27-01-232 min read

Israeli start-up Pigmentum raises $6M to make casein out of lettuce

Fermentation bioreactor
24-01-232 min read

Milltrust Ventures and Earth First Food Ventures launch Smart Protein Fund to focus on alternative protein sector

Royal Agricultural University in Gloucestershire on sunny day with student cycling Sustainable
23-01-233 min read

Royal Agricultural University reveals plans for £100M ‘innovation village’ to support development of sustainable solutions

Tufts University campus Sustainable
20-01-233 min read

Cultured meat industry experts call for government funding during Tufts University Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day

scientist in a lab working on cultured meat Sustainable
18-01-233 min read

Eat Just to build bioreactor to produce animal-free growth media for cultured meat, following Singapore Food Agency approval

Red Beetroot with herbage green leaves on wooden background
16-01-232 min read

Scientists create edible plant-based ink from food waste which could reduce cost of cultivated meat production

three men in grey coats standing on bridge in greenhouse with leafy background
12-01-233 min read

Project Eaden raises €10.1 million to finance launch of plant-based steak made using proprietary fibre spinning technology

black coffee being poured into glass with ice on wooden slab on dark background Sustainable
10-01-232 min read

CULT Food Science launches new product division including novel cell-based coffee

chopping board with display screen and knife
09-01-234 min read

CES 2023: 5 foodtech innovations and gadgets

soy sauce poured into small white dish on white tile countertop
06-01-232 min read

Nordic Umami Company secures €1.8M in seed round to develop tech that extracts umami from plant-based food waste

Athletes Running On Race Track
02-01-238 min read

10 innovative foodtech start-ups to look out for in 2023

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