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nutritionist posing at her modern office
12-10-22 / 9 min read

Nutrition courses in the UK – what’s available?

Illustration of a woman taming a lion
06-10-22 / 9 min read

Soaring prices and staff and supply chain shortages: how the food and drink sector can mitigate risks

Aerial view of coast by Appin with views over Shuna Island Scotland
28-09-22 / 9 min read

The rapid growth of aquaculture and the innovations ensuring its sustainability

Liz Truss in front of Number 10
21-09-22 / 7 min read

How can Prime Minister Liz Truss help the food industry?

cultured meat in a petri dish, alongside other science equipment and scissors
21-09-22 / 14 min read

What is lab-grown meat? The implications of lab-grown meat discussed by the experts

cartoon of human with digestive system to illustrate probiotics benefits
20-09-22 / 14 min read

The truth behind probiotics benefits for sports performance and more

Pastel blue image of plate with a footprint on it and human hand food and beverage investors uk
20-09-22 / 12 min read

How are UK food and beverage investors bringing about sustainable change?

background of collaged fruit and vegetables in bright colours, with a white head and brain made of veggies
20-09-22 / 13 min read

Unlocking the secrets behind brain food

Beginning of the French Revolution, wood engraving, published in 1900
16-09-22 / 9 min read

Food scarcity and civil unrest: what we can learn from the past

woman inspecting a machine
12-09-22 / 5 min read

Green Jobs: what does a Plant Maintenance Engineer do?

Lab grown meat concept as laboratory equipment developing artifical beef
09-09-22 / 31 min read

Cultured meat: the future of food is slaughter-free

nutrition label
05-09-22 / 8 min read

Food labelling – how much is too much?

engineer working on her tablet
01-09-22 / 4 min read

Food Jobs: what does a Food Processing Engineer do?

woman working with flavours and aromas
01-09-22 / 4 min read

Food Jobs: what does a Flavourist do?

A food inspector in a sterile white uniform is holding the tablet and looking at collected cookies.
01-09-22 / 4 min read

Food Jobs: what does a Food Safety Officer do?

Female colleagues in a meeting
30-08-22 / 5 min read

Green Jobs: what does an Environmental Compliance Officer do?

pie with berry fruits covered with sugar powder
25-08-22 / 10 min read

The truth about sweeteners: the pros and cons of sugar substitutes

Man ordering food through an app
23-08-22 / 7 min read

5 Top food trends of 2022: exploring the trends emerging from a post-pandemic world

Two businesswomen shaking hands in an office
15-08-22 / 7 min read

Green Jobs: what does a Food and Drinks Sales Manager do?

Pouring Sugar onto Strawberry on Spoon
12-08-22 / 12 min read

The science of sugar: how the sweet stuff can impact physical and mental health

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