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school of mackerel Sustainable
18-11-21 / 3 min read

Marine Conservation Society creates online platform to improve the sourcing of sustainable seafood in the UK

Soil Strategy Sustainable
17-11-21 / 3 min read

EU Commission announces new Soil Strategy to carry through the European Green Deal

Children eating
17-11-21 / 3 min read

Childhood obesity reaches highest levels in England since the start of the pandemic

illustration of person crossing the finishing line
17-11-21 / 4 min read

Future Ingredients Competition 2021: winner announced

UKRI and FSA funding
16-11-21 / 3 min read

UKRI and FSA award funding to six citizen science projects to examine current issues in food safety

Sinking House for COP26 Sustainable
16-11-21 / 3 min read

COP26: leading climate scientists sign an open letter calling for governments to support the Plant Based Treaty

lentils and vegetables Sustainable
15-11-21 / 3 min read

Sustainable diets could become more affordable in low-income countries by 2050, reveals new Lancet study

15-11-21 / 2 min read

The University of West London launches a sustainable culinary course

Baby laughing with snacks
12-11-21 / 3 min read

Action on Sugar calls for the removal of misleading sugar claims from sweet snacks for babies and toddlers

Shopping basked with food products over receipts
11-11-21 / 3 min read

Food prices have risen to the highest rates since August last year new data reveals

Heinz ketchup bottle
11-11-21 / 2 min read

Heinz launches tomato ketchup made of tomatoes grown in Mars-like conditions with Aldrin Space Institute

dining table with food Sustainable
11-11-21 / 3 min read

Nearly half of European consumers have noticeably reduced their meat consumption, Smart Protein survey reveals

Food market
10-11-21 / 2 min read

Kenyan start-up Twiga Foods gains $50M in Series C round

computer generated image of head and brain
09-11-21 / 2 min read

Brain changes show levels of obesity risk, according to new research from University of Turku

Serve Robotics in action
09-11-21 / 2 min read

Uber Eats partners with Postmate’s Serve Robotics to offer self-driving AI delivery services

Sushi pieces between chopsticks, flying separated on black background
08-11-21 / 3 min read

Japanese start-up Open Meals aims to have 3D printed meals in space by 2050

Plant-based meat packaged
08-11-21 / 3 min read

Impossible Foods continues its global expansion, with valuation now set to reach $7B

Food waste in bin Sustainable
05-11-21 / 2 min read

Britons produce 15% less food waste, but households still throw out the most food, new review suggests

Vegan burger
05-11-21 / 3 min read

Plant-based meat brand Future Farm secures $58M, making it a new competitor in US alternative protein market

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