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female student using microscopes in laboratory
20-10-224 min read

What are apprenticeships?

Pumpkin filled ravioli
20-10-224 min read

Whole Foods: Top 10 Food Trends for 2023

sunset boulevard street sign against a blue sky backdrop and several palm trees Sustainable
20-10-223 min read

Los Angeles unanimously votes to endorse Plant Based Treaty

Colorful gingerbread fantasy village
20-10-2210 min read

Banned ingredients: the food additives no longer allowed in the UK and why

tin of food in bare fridge
19-10-223 min read

Cost of living crisis: 1 in 7 Brits are skipping meals, TUC findings show

19-10-222 min read

Soaring food prices push UK inflation back into double digits

microphone on stage in front of a large crowd in a theatre
19-10-223 min read

Career Conversations hits the road with a series of events featuring live podcast recordings

Young scientists in agricultural sunflower field Sustainable
18-10-223 min read

EIT Food launches Learning Services to improve professional training in the food industry

Cheerful happy multiracial friends dining together and discussing about contents on a smartphone
17-10-227 min read

The new consumers and how to reach them

German farmers' market
17-10-222 min read

German food prices increase by nearly 20% as country witnesses highest inflation rate in 30 years

workers in a meat factory
17-10-224 min read

Tyson Foods and JBS ignite debate after investing in wearable monitoring system for workers

Man Talking to Back of Another Man's Head
14-10-223 min read

Welcome from the editor: let’s talk

black woman wearing headscarf crouching by market stall with cassava, oranges Sustainable
14-10-2214 min read

An insecure future: how can Africa strengthen its fragile food system?

14-10-223 min read

Natural History Museum to use its historic wheat collection to explore future food security

chopped up 3D-printed plant-based meat on wooden board with large knife and fork, bowl of parsely and salt on black background with napkin Sustainable
14-10-223 min read

Redefine Meat announces partnership to boost distribution of its 3D-printed plant-based meat in Europe

low and no alcohol trends
14-10-225 min read

Why everyone should be aware of low and no alcohol trends

field of sheep against a backdrop of blue mountains and the sky
14-10-224 min read

A week in news: positive steps for people and planet – the latest food and drink headlines 10-14 October

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