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Berry smoothie with fresh blueberries on a black stone background.
06-04-233 min read

Start-up Better Juice completes successful pilot for technology that reduces natural sugars in fruit juice

women eating food illustration
31-03-2312 min read

Personalised nutrition: the rise of bespoke diets

Varieties of raw white, red and purple potatoes in paper bags on white wooden background
23-03-232 min read

Israeli start-up PoLoPo secures $1.75M to grow egg protein using potatoes

View of Dubai Sustainable
20-03-232 min read

Middle East’s first fully plant-based meat factory opens in Dubai

Male worker using digital tablet in brewery. Full length of professional in formals is working amidst metallic vats
16-03-232 min read

Precision fermentation start-ups found Food Fermentation Europe alliance

Chickpea flour in a wooden spoon, chickpeas on old wooden background
28-02-233 min read

Bread made from whole cell chickpea flour lowers blood sugar and increases fullness, research shows

a butter chicken curry Sustainable
28-02-236 min read

Delicious, inventive and intriguing – what to eat first at Tastes of Better?

21-02-232 min read

Precision fermentation trade association formed by foodtech start-ups

red oil being poured from glass cyclinder, held by hand in blue rubber glove
10-02-233 min read

Estonian start-up raises €1M to develop oils and fats from sawdust

plant-based grated cheese in yellow packet on yellow background alongside plant-based cheese blocks and canteloupe melon slices
02-02-233 min read

Spanish start-up Väcka launches plant-based cheeses made from melon seed milk and olive oil

steak on white plate on wooden table, beige brown background
01-02-234 min read

British 3D Bio-Tissues produces and tastes ‘first-ever’ cultivated meat steak made entirely from pig cells

What Sweegen has planned at Food Matters Live Tastes of Better
31-01-237 min read

Sweegen’s multi-sensory immersive experience heads to London

Kemin Sustainable
24-01-236 min read

How Kemin delivers choice, crunch and colour in a natural way

Tufts University campus Sustainable
20-01-233 min read

Cultured meat industry experts call for government funding during Tufts University Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day

chef adding final touches to a dish Sustainable
10-01-234 min read

Last partner spot for Tastes of Better snapped up – guest tickets now available

soy sauce poured into small white dish on white tile countertop
06-01-232 min read

Nordic Umami Company secures €1.8M in seed round to develop tech that extracts umami from plant-based food waste

different varieties of mushrooms
30-12-224 min read

5 functional food and ingredient trends and innovations for 2023

Two women sitting by fireplace, reading a newspaper Sustainable
27-12-226 min read

2022 in news: review of the year’s biggest headlines

23-12-228 min read

What’s the future for plant-based food and drink?

Beer bottles filling on the conveyor belt in the brewery factory
23-12-222 min read

EvodiaBio raises $6.4M to produce aromas for non-alcoholic beer through precision fermentation

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