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nutritionist posing at her modern office
12-10-22 / 9 min read

Nutrition courses in the UK – what’s available?

Young citrus trees grow in the San Joaquin Valley, California
30-09-22 / 3 min read

New coalition to invest $2.5Bn in start-ups pioneering food insecurity and nutrition solutions in the US

black woman holding a food package in the middle of a supermarket aisle
22-09-22 / 3 min read

Food inflation pushing Brits to adopt ‘drastic’ grocery shopping habits, report finds

Girl works at a computer and eats fast food.
21-09-22 / 3 min read

Women experiencing food insecurity at greater risk of developing addiction to high-processed foods, says new study

cartoon of human with digestive system to illustrate probiotics benefits
20-09-22 / 14 min read

The truth behind probiotics benefits for sports performance and more

background of collaged fruit and vegetables in bright colours, with a white head and brain made of veggies
20-09-22 / 13 min read

Unlocking the secrets behind brain food

bowl of soup noodles with herbs on a checkered cloth with chopsticks
20-09-22 / 3 min read

Japanese scientists debut electrified spoon and bowl which adds salty flavour to food

close-up view of pouring fresh organic milk into bowl with corn flakes on pink background
15-09-22 / 3 min read

University of Birmingham publishes first ever study of synthetic chemicals found in UK food

pie with berry fruits covered with sugar powder
25-08-22 / 10 min read

The truth about sweeteners: the pros and cons of sugar substitutes

Pouring Sugar onto Strawberry on Spoon
12-08-22 / 12 min read

The science of sugar: how the sweet stuff can impact physical and mental health

board of various italian meats and cheeses, as well as olives and breadsticks, against a white background
09-08-22 / 3 min read

Italy launches NutrInform Battery app as Nutri-Score is ‘banned’

Vitamin supplements
08-08-22 / 8 min read

What are micronutrients, and what do they have to do with healthy ageing?

bowl of strawberries
08-08-22 / 3 min read

Researchers develop low-calorie sweetener which could improve gut health

selection of various sausages, cheeses and wine shot from above on rustic wooden table
04-08-22 / 2 min read

Nutri-Score algorithm to be updated, including changes to cheese and olive oil classifications

watercolour image of pregnant woman eating while cross legged
04-08-22 / 10 min read

Nutrition in pregnancy: foods to eat, foods to avoid and the truth about cravings

Empty platform of Waterloo Underground Station showcasing the train times and advertising posters
02-08-22 / 2 min read

Transport for London’s HFSS advertising ban has prevented almost 100,000 obesity cases, report says

Damage to the ozone layer and climate change
29-07-22 / 2 min read

Climate change will reduce omega-3 fatty acid content in aquatic food chain according to new research

vintage-style image of small boy eating marshmallows
29-07-22 / 5 min read

11 brands’ reformulated HFSS-compliant products

little girl eating pizza
25-07-22 / 3 min read

Government advice for struggling families encourages children to eat ultra-processed foods over holidays, experts say

broken plate on pink background
21-07-22 / 4 min read

Broken Plate 2022 report: better wages and healthy food affordability needed to fix UK’s food system

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