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hill of vegetables
21-04-231 min read

Welcome from the editor: beyond the plate

Rainforest Amazon Sustainable
21-04-236 min read

Feeding the world, as well as the planet

Range of dishes made with mycoprotein product, on plates and light pink background Sustainable
21-04-232 min read

Quorn mycoprotein ingredient to be made available to food and drink manufacturers

woman's abdomen with fruits and vegetables
21-04-239 min read

Functional nutrition: the role of food in disease prevention and management

Group of students preparing dinner together in the kitchen
21-04-236 min read

Waste not, want not: how students can reduce food waste and help fight climate change

supermarket shelves
20-04-232 min read

Majority of food and drink companies set to prioritise NPD investment in next 12 months, report finds

Girl in rapeseed field
19-04-239 min read

A little secret… it’s the fat that makes food so fabulous

Still life with dairy product on wooden background
19-04-232 min read

Dairy consumption in Germany hits new low, data reveals

Albert Heijn coffee pricing list with reusable coffee cups Sustainable
19-04-233 min read

Dutch retailer Albert Heijn trials ‘true price’ scheme to show consumers social and environmental cost of products

English Pub in London, the Sherlock Holmes Sustainable
18-04-232 min read

Brewer Greene King partners with British vertical farming company in a bid to become more sustainable

fork and food
17-04-236 min read

Food as medicine: the link between nutrition, diet and health with Dr Rupy Aujila

Raw meats on Butcher's shop
17-04-233 min read

Germany says yes to meat tax, but only if it improves animal welfare, study shows

earth next to a white cloud illustration
14-04-232 min read

Welcome from the editor: no time to waste

University of Bath campus Sustainable
14-04-233 min read

Government invests £12 million in Cellular Agriculture Manufacturing Hub to develop sustainable protein

man going to eat a cow illustration Sustainable
13-04-2310 min read

Time’s up: reaching ‘peak meat’ and shifting to plant-based is no longer an option, but a need

Warm cup of tea with tea cookies and biscuits on a plate
13-04-233 min read

Cases of diabetes in UK exceed 5 million for first time

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