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19-05-212 min read

German meat production falls by 4%

10-05-212 min read

Beyond Meat launches five-year plant-based diet study at the Stanford University School of Medicine

pre-packaged food
05-05-213 min read

Co-op to lower prices of its plant-based meat range

19-04-212 min read

JBS S.A. acquires plant-based company Vivera

07-04-212 min read

Planteneers to expand plant-based fish alternative products

24-11-202 min read

What six trends will drive plant-based growth in 2021?

03-11-203.5 min read

Whole Foods: the Top 10 Food Trends for 2021

19-08-201.5 min read

Demand for plant-based meat surges in China

28-07-202 min read

UK consumer demand for plant-based food soars in lockdown

23-07-202 min read

25% of millennials find plant-based diets appealing

25-06-201.5 min read

Will plant-based fish be the next big growth area?

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