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Campaigners standing in line next to stone pillars backs facing camera Sustainable
18-01-234 min read

Edinburgh becomes first European capital to endorse the Plant Based Treaty

Terraced rice field landscape near Sapa in Vietnam Sustainable
17-01-233 min read

Genetically modified rice could tackle food shortages caused by climate change, new research finds

Red Beetroot with herbage green leaves on wooden background
16-01-232 min read

Scientists create edible plant-based ink from food waste which could reduce cost of cultivated meat production

melting chocolate in bowl surrounded by chocolate squares, cocoa powder, and nuts on dark background
13-01-233 min read

Lubrication and fat location in chocolate determine its enjoyability, University of Leeds study shows

three men in grey coats standing on bridge in greenhouse with leafy background
12-01-233 min read

Project Eaden raises €10.1 million to finance launch of plant-based steak made using proprietary fibre spinning technology

Close up of bartender pouring draft beer in glass
11-01-233 min read

Research finds 20% of Brits pick non-alcoholic beer as drink of choice with low/no category sales expected to grow 31% by 2024

chef adding final touches to a dish Sustainable
10-01-234 min read

Last partner spot for Tastes of Better snapped up – guest tickets now available

black coffee being poured into glass with ice on wooden slab on dark background Sustainable
10-01-232 min read

CULT Food Science launches new product division including novel cell-based coffee

A set of disposable, yellow and white, plastic utensils Sustainable
09-01-233 min read

Defra to introduce single-use plastics ban for hospitality businesses in England

soy sauce poured into small white dish on white tile countertop
06-01-232 min read

Nordic Umami Company secures €1.8M in seed round to develop tech that extracts umami from plant-based food waste

person scanning vegetables with phone app
06-01-233 min read

Bournemouth University researchers develop app to help people consume their five-a-day

200K yellow on white
05-01-232 min read

The Food Matters Live podcast hits a record 200K listens

human digesting system 3D rendering
04-01-234 min read

New research finds link between obesity, brain health and composition of gut microbes

Man standing in field holding sign next to cow grazing Sustainable
03-01-233 min read

Veganuary celebrates 10 years with one person signing up every 2.4 seconds for this year’s pledge

cartoon of a candy land with cupcakes and sweets and candy floss Sustainable
28-12-226 min read

Weird and wonderful news: the quirkiest food headlines of 2022

Two women sitting by fireplace, reading a newspaper Sustainable
27-12-226 min read

2022 in news: review of the year’s biggest headlines

Beer bottles filling on the conveyor belt in the brewery factory
23-12-222 min read

EvodiaBio raises $6.4M to produce aromas for non-alcoholic beer through precision fermentation

houses by a river in Aarhus
23-12-224 min read

A week in news: a farewell to fresh counters – the latest food and drink headlines 19-23 December

Front view of Caucasian man in early 30s wearing protective workwear and standing at stern working with trawl nets at sea in early morning
22-12-222 min read

Defra announces EU-UK fishing deal, bringing value of 2023 fishing opportunities to £750M

Aarhus University in Aarhus, Denmark
21-12-223 min read

European consumers forgo meat and fish to cope with food price hikes, data shows

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