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capsules and collagen powder on two silver spoons on pink background Sustainable
24-08-232 min read

Jellatech raises $3.5 million to scale production of its animal-free collagen

glass of oat milk on wooden plate with oats and wooden spoon, beige background with cloth Sustainable
22-08-233 min read

Kerry signs partnership with Unigrain to boost production of dairy alternatives in Asia-Pacific

Milkshakes on a red plate
02-08-232 min read

Nestlé’s unveils new technology that reduces intrinsic sugars in key food ingredients

close up of selection of white truffles with one cut in half, on white background
17-07-232 min read

MycoTechnology discovers natural sweetener derived from rare honey truffle

chocolate ice cream in white tub with wooden spoon on beige coloured tile countertop Sustainable
15-06-233 min read

Ice cream made from Solar Foods’ Solein launches in Singapore

3d carbon dioxide formula cutted in forest on white background Sustainable
13-06-233 min read

Project using carbon dioxide to make sustainable proteins gets DDK 200M funding

Field of amaranth plant flowers Sustainable
07-06-234 min read

Vertical Future receives research grant to develop plant-based protein source from vertically farmed amaranth

arm and hand reaching over squeezing lime on plate of tacos, surrounded by other plant-based burgers, nuggets and wraps on plates, green and white tile background
04-05-233 min read

Alpha Foods and The EVERY Co. team up to improve and expand alternative proteins category

Berry smoothie with fresh blueberries on a black stone background.
06-04-233 min read

Start-up Better Juice completes successful pilot for technology that reduces natural sugars in fruit juice

Women and man standing in laboratory smelling liquids from small glasses
22-03-233 min read

IFF expands Europe Innovation Hub with two new flavour labs

Tastes of Better
16-03-238 min read

A ‘phenomenal’ start to Tastes of Better

red oil being poured from glass cyclinder, held by hand in blue rubber glove
10-02-233 min read

Estonian start-up raises €1M to develop oils and fats from sawdust

plant-based grated cheese in yellow packet on yellow background alongside plant-based cheese blocks and canteloupe melon slices
02-02-233 min read

Spanish start-up Väcka launches plant-based cheeses made from melon seed milk and olive oil

Red Beetroot with herbage green leaves on wooden background
16-01-232 min read

Scientists create edible plant-based ink from food waste which could reduce cost of cultivated meat production

chef adding final touches to a dish Sustainable
10-01-234 min read

Last partner spot for Tastes of Better snapped up – guest tickets now available

collection of chocolate bars on a wooden table alongside cocoa beans
07-12-223 min read

Mondelēz says it can reduce sugar and fat in chocolate by 75% using plant-based fibres

a scoop of white vanilla ice cream against a green background
06-12-222 min read

Clean-label chickpea-based ice cream unveiled by Israeli start-up

Three cans of BUILD on a rainbow background surrounded by coconut chips and pineapple chunks
13-10-223 min read

‘World’s first’ protein-boosted alcoholic drink launches on the market

Baked camembert cheese on board with cranberries, honey, balsamic vineger garnish and peaches on dark background
13-09-223 min read

Start-up Nutropy raises €2M to produce next generation plant-based French cheeses using precision fermentation

A female chef in a white uniform and a black apron in the restaurant kitchen. Cooking a salad. The cook rubs the parmesan cheese on a small grater.
05-09-223 min read

Food Matters Live launches Tastes of Better event series

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