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fried chicken Sustainable
05-06-232 min read

Flexitarian diets on the up in the US, but meat consumption is on the increase, survey shows

Tastes of Better
16-03-238 min read

A ‘phenomenal’ start to Tastes of Better

person scanning vegetables with phone app
06-01-233 min read

Bournemouth University researchers develop app to help people consume their five-a-day

200K yellow on white
05-01-232 min read

The Food Matters Live podcast hits a record 200K listens

The Dutch Parliament
14-12-222 min read

The Netherlands pushes ahead with plans for HFSS advertising ban for kids

Shrimp satay with pesto and chili sauces
30-11-223 min read

Colour of plates can improve taste of food for picky eaters, new research suggests

Puff pastry vegetable roll on kitchen table with christmas decorations
28-11-222 min read

Over a third of Brits open to having a vegan Christmas dinner

xray-style image of the brand with the amygdala highlighted
27-10-223 min read

Neurological discovery could help deter patients from overeating fatty foods and treat obesity

Girl works at a computer and eats fast food.
21-09-223 min read

Women experiencing food insecurity at greater risk of developing addiction to high-processed foods, says new study

Twin sisters in pink dresses with watermelon in their hands on background of grass
31-08-222 min read

Genetic factors influence being pescatarian and vegetarian says new research

board of various italian meats and cheeses, as well as olives and breadsticks, against a white background
09-08-223 min read

Italy launches NutrInform Battery app as Nutri-Score is ‘banned’

Empty platform of Waterloo Underground Station showcasing the train times and advertising posters
02-08-222 min read

Transport for London’s HFSS advertising ban has prevented almost 100,000 obesity cases, report says

plant-based sausage and mash
29-07-225 min read

France pauses ban on ‘meaty’ labels for plant-based products

people's hands over table, group eating vegan dinner Sustainable
08-07-223 min read

Alternative protein transition accelerated by health and climate conscious consumers, study says

Young woman eating an apple on picnic during springtime
21-06-223 min read

Genetic preference for taste influences food choices and overall health, says new research from Tufts University

ground beef on a wooden tray
21-06-223 min read

New food labelling requirement for Canadian meat draws criticism from farmers

Young girl clapping at dining table as plate of cookies is being moved towards her
31-05-223 min read

‘Comprehensive policy approach’ needed to protect children from harmful effects of food marketing, says WHO policy brief

young people eating at a market Sustainable
20-05-223 min read

Nearly half of young people in Britain avoid eating meat with 20% following a flexitarian diet

young woman eating with chopsticks
19-04-223 min read

Japanese scientists develop ‘smart’ chopsticks to add salty flavour to food

little girl hugging a baby lamb in front of hay background Sustainable
12-04-224 min read

Children less likely to see farm animals as food, new study shows

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