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Megan Van Someren, CCO at Jamie Oliver Group speaker headshot
07-02-244 min read

Jamie Oliver Group’s CCO talks consumer trust, food culture and the veggie revolution

Woman, nature fitness or hands on stomach in diet wellness, body healthcare or abs muscle growth in workout training or sunrise exercise. Zoom, sports athlete or person, belly digestion or strong gut
15-12-233 min read

Is gut health key to athletic performance? FrieslandCampina think so 

A female sports team huddling together to represent gender parity in sports nutrition research
12-12-232 min read

Deep dive: how women are left out of sports nutrition research

Tate and Lyle's development team at Tastes of Better Ascot showcasing PROMITOR with Stefan Gates
09-12-233 min read

Bridging the fibre gap, with Tate and Lyle

07-12-233 min read

Is ‘ultra-processed’ just another way to make us feel ultra-guilty about our food?

03-12-233 min read

The microbiome–metabolism link

Inspiring Nutrition speaker Miriam Ferrer headshot
03-10-236 min read

In conversation with Miriam Ferrer: on consumer trust, “pixie dust” formulation and the food-mood connection…

Speaker headshot for Inspiring Nutrition speaker and Qina CEO Mariette Abrahams
26-09-234 min read

In conversation with Qina CEO Mariette Abrahams: on artificial intelligence, health inequality and the future of precision nutrition 

two programmers working together on a computer code at night
20-09-234 min read

New AI platform which analyses and predicts success rate of NPD is unveiled

man wearing glasses and a blue shirt smiling Sustainable
18-09-2312 min read

Bruce Friedrich interview: “Building a better and more sustainable food system is one of the most important challenges of our age.”

Inspiring Nutrition Q and A template with Alex Glover headshot
04-09-235 min read

In conversation with Alex Glover: on NOVA, the Kardashians, TikTok, and ‘mock meats’…

23-08-233 min read

In conversation with Dr Emily Leeming

An outline of a women's face, her brain a multi-coloured cloud of dust and smoke representing the science of flavour/psychology of taste
18-08-234 min read

The science of taste and flavour

group of teenagers
03-08-238 min read

Teenage nutrition: the importance of a healthy diet in adolescence

A piece of chicken on a fork labelled
02-08-234 min read

What’s next for lab-grown meat?

Flat lay with eco-friendly tableware - kraft paper food packaging on green background. Street food paper packaging, recyclable paperware and zero waste packaging concept. Mockup. Selective focus
26-07-233 min read

Fighting back against plastic pollution

A tape measure, stethoscope and vegetables representing the link between disease and nutrition
26-07-233 min read

The link between nutrition, health, cognition and the gut microbiome

woman walking through a maze
20-07-2312 min read

How nutrition can support women through the perimenopause and menopause

Open pork luncheon meat can with baguette, on old dark wooden table background
12-07-233 min read

Studies linking ultra-processed foods to poor health must be ‘treated with caution’, says Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition

Father and son preparing food
11-07-233 min read

Optimising children’s nutrition for health and learning

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