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Fruit abstract background, high detail - vector illustrtation
22-11-233 min read

5 consumer trends in health and nutrition for 2023 and beyond

Stockholm street Sustainable
25-05-2310 min read

10 innovative European food waste solutions

illustration of a lab Sustainable
10-05-239 min read

Everything you need to know about precision fermentation

Tel Aviv coastline and skyline Sustainable
01-03-235 min read

Israel continues to strengthen its position in foodtech as it leads the global alternative protein sector investments

screen at a conference Sustainable
24-02-239 min read

NFU Conference 2023: farming experts and politicians tackle 5 key talking points

man smiling and wearing a suit Sustainable
03-02-237 min read

Interview: Didier Toubia, CEO and co-founder, Aleph Farms

chopping board with display screen and knife
09-01-234 min read

CES 2023: 5 foodtech innovations and gadgets

Athletes Running On Race Track
02-01-238 min read

10 innovative foodtech start-ups to look out for in 2023

businesswoman in a meeting
14-11-226 min read

Green Jobs: what does a Foodtech Investment Manager do?

cultured meat in a petri dish, alongside other science equipment and scissors
21-09-2214 min read

What is lab-grown meat? The implications of lab-grown meat discussed by the experts

Manhattan at sunset
04-07-225 min read

The Global Start-up Ecosystem Report names the top 10 cities for innovative start-ups

Spread of foods made with Solein on grey table
24-05-229 min read

Solar Foods’ Solein: the protein of the future made of hydrogen and carbon dioxide

Tel Aviv at dusk
20-04-228 min read

The ‘start-up nation’: the ecosystem of Israel’s foodtech sector

Giles Brook standing in front of a white background
14-04-2212 min read

Green Pioneer interview: Giles Brook, Whitespace Ventures CEO

people getting ready to race
12-03-225 min read

10 mistakes start-ups make and how to avoid them

women founders black and white
07-03-2214 min read

Women in business: the founders, investors and mentors changing the face of the food and drink industry

Vector illustration of a plastic bottle of milk
04-02-225 min read

Cell-based dairy and human breast milk: tackling sustainability and availability

strawberries picked by AI Robot
10-01-224 min read

CES 2022: 5 best agri-foodtech innovations and gadgets

illustration of people racing
20-12-219 min read

10 innovative food start-ups to look out for in 2022

forkful of tomato spaghetti
09-11-214 min read

Interview: Food Tech Matters Partner The FoodCons on the Italian foodtech ecosystem

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