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Building an effective brand strategy for food and drink brands

Food Matters Live Masterclass
Wednesday 17 November 2021 | 2:30pm – 4pm | at Food Matters Live event

with Natasha Gladman, Kerry Betsworth and Nick Radley

About this masterclass:

Get the tools you need to work out your Brand X-Factor and how to make it a marketing success.

In this masterclass, you will share a morning with Flintlock founder Tasha Gladman to learn about why brands matter and how they not only drive brand value but absolute commercial value (£££’s).

You will follow a food and drink case study that Flintlock created for a well-known UK brand. Interactive break-out sessions will then help you start a brand strategy to use in all your marketing and communications.

Great brand strategy saves you time, mistakes and money.


Who should attend?

This masterclass is for entrepreneurs, directors and managers who want to learn how to create a differentiated go-to-market position and proposition that will future-proof their brand to help get their businesses growing. 

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By the end of this masterclass, you will have learnt:


Get clear on what makes your brand different and unique and set a goal on what you want your brand to achieve.


Be able to qualify what your brand exists to do – in a nutshell.


Build the evidence your brand needs to be believable.

Did you know?

Presenting a brand effectively and consistently can increase revenue by an average of 23 (


94% of consumers have discontinued communications with a company because of irrelevant promotions or messages (Source: HubSpot).


Consistently presented brands are 3.5x more likely to enjoy excellent brand visibility than those with an inconsistent brand presentation (Source: Demand Metric).


The average increase in revenue attributed to always presenting a brand consistently is 23% (Source:

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Content Overview:

Introduction to Brand Strategy – Why Does It Matter?

At Flintlock, we always say a brand can’t be built on shifting sands. In other words, you have to get strongly rooted. And those roots are going to be inherent to your brand strength with your customer and for your future growth. Understanding just what’s at your root will help you see where and how to connect with your audience. And how you, your service, your products, your people (all your touchpoints) can create and deliver the ‘brand’, wherever your consumer meets you.

It has a lot to do. So, it’s best to understand how to ‘land’ your brand in the right place, with the right people, saying the right things.

This is where brand strategy counts.

Making A Plan … What You’ll Learn …

From cows to Co-op, Tasha and Nick will take you on an illuminating journey to help you get ‘sparked’ and learn how to set your brand strategy on a path to success.

This inspiring masterclass will take place across our morning together in three stages:

1. WHY – the best brands’ succeed.

First, we’ll cover the basics to demonstrate that brands are so much more than a logo. Through interactive exercises and discussion you’ll get informed and enlightened on why the most successful brands are so good at making their mark.

2. WHAT – you need to know to succeed.

We’ll then focus on the importance of insight. Sharing ours, we’ll:

  • Show you how food brands need to establish their value beyond price and commodity.
  • Reveal how people want to relate to brands in rational and emotional ways to buy.
  • Illustrate the critical role a brand performs in standing you out from your competition.

So that, in the noisy, busy business of food, how you can understand how best to face those challenges to unlock and define your brand strategy for success and growth.

3. HOW – you can succeed

Finally, using a real-world example for Co-Op foods that Tasha and Nick collaborated on in 2019, you’ll now be given a behind the scenes look at ‘how it’s done’. Following both the creation of the strategy and the creative outcomes, you’ll learn the processes and thinking they went through to get to the answers. 

During this section, we’ll be hosting break-out sessions – bringing in our copywriter Kerry –  so that you can put your new knowledge into practice and make a start. Using the tools and insight you’ve gained, you will finish the morning ‘sparked’ and be ready to build the cornerstones of your brand.


You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout. Tasha, Nick and Kerry will be available to take questions at the end of the session.