Creating great packaging – how to reflect your brand, connect with target market and increase sales

Food Matters Live Masterclass
Tuesday 19th October 2021 | 2pm – 5pm | £99 + VAT


Did you know…

70% of consumers form their impressions of a brand based solely on packaging



52% say they are willing to pay a little extra for products if they like their packaging (


63% of consumers consider product packaging almost as important and the product itself (


30% of businesses report an increase in revenue when they improve their product packaging (

This masterclass:

The design of packaging for a new brand can be expensive and represents a big investment for any company, irrespective of its size or how established it is in its market.

Many of you, running start-ups and small companies, will be juggling a multitude of roles; from product developer, marketeer, salesperson, through to logistics etc. When you come to designing your brand and packaging there will be many considerations, not least how can I achieve the best results with a finite budget to get the greatest return on my investment?

After many years of working with both big organisations and small independent traders, I have gained a lot of experience working across almost every type of packaging and print on products as diverse as Easter eggs, men’s suits, and cosmetics.

In this masterclass I will talk about these experiences, share my knowledge and discuss the best ways for small companies and start-ups to bring their products to market. We will discuss an approach which helps you communicate all the brilliant things you have built into your brand to your customer, and how to bring this to life through an effective design process.


Who should attend?

Packaging is an indispensable component of the food manufacturing and food supply process. This workshop is perfect for small businesses and start-ups in food and beverage industry, especially those looking for package designs that connect brands with consumers in an authentic, lasting, and powerful way.



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Creating great packaging – how to reflect your brand, connect with target market and increases sales

£99.00 + VAT


By the end of this masterclass, you will:


Understand how packaging can be your best brand ambassador and how tone of voice can work throughout your brand to speak to your customer


Understand how to think smart and save / maximise cost whilst still creating the best packaging for your brand / product


Understand how to most effectively brief your designer

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Content Overview

  1. Introduction

2. What makes great packaging and why it works

3. Breaking down and understanding the elements that make good design to make your brand effective and successful

4. Clarify your target customer and understand their world

5. How to communicate your USP and brand values clearly

6. Understanding tone of voice and how to connect with your customer

7. Considerations from pack formats to print restrictions and how to make this work for you

8. How to use this insight to create a clear brief for your designer so they can create a great brand and packaging solution for you and save you time and money!


Your valuable outcomes

Don’t break the bank

Know how you can give your branding the packaging it needs to elevate without breaking the bank or compromising on achieving quality results.

Win your consumers

Understand how to successfully bring your product to market through packaging which engages and wins over your target market.

Return on investment

You will now be equipt with the specific knowledge you need to be able to attain high returns on your investment when it comes to your brand’s packaging.

Bring your brand to life

Learn how to consistently communicate your brand’s personality through an effective design process.


Meet your speaker

Charlotte Raphael, Brand and Packaging Designer

Charlotte Raphael has been a brand and packaging designer for over 30 years. She was Head of Design for Global Packaging at M&S for over eleven years. She has extensive experience in brand strategy, trend forecasting, design, art direction and creative execution across all elements of packaging, brand and logo design.

Charlotte set up her own consultancy 5 years ago and, while she still works with large retailers like M&S, Asda and Harrods, she now spends half her time working with small companies and new start-ups. Charlotte loves working with people who are passionate about their products and brands and collaborating to bring their products to market.

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