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How to comply with HFSS legislation: branding, marketing and promotion of HFSS food and drink

Food Matters Live masterclass
Tuesday 29 March 2022 | 14:30 – 16:00 | £99 + VAT | Virtual

with Jeremy Stern, Petra Green and Amy Kingham

Do you know what the new HFSS legislation will mean for your products?

With promotion of HFSS products being limited in scope and presence, IRI estimates £1.7bn of sales could be at risk. Do you know what the legislation will mean for you and how your marketing plans need to adapt? What plans do you have in place to achieve compliance and continue to drive revenue through your HFSS products?

Industry experts, Jeremy Stern, Amy Kingham and Petra Green will lead you through how to stay ahead of the changes to reach your audiences is new ways.

Keen to dive in now? Listen to the Table Talk podcast HFSS: How brands can still make an impact for an fantastic introduction to the topic.

You will cover…

What HFSS means and what products the restrictions will apply to

The letter of the law: defining the terminology and demystifying the detail

Reconfiguring your product, sales, merchandising, marketing and promotional strategy for HFSS products within the limits of the legislation

Maximising opportunities for in-aisle theatre in store and online

Understanding and unleashing the power of influencer marketing

What exactly is being demanded of you and how it will affect your business and brand

The options available to you and how to develop a plan to respond to the legislation

Meet your speakers


Jeremy Stern

CEO of PromoVeritas

Jeremy founded PromoVeritas after a successful career as a senior marketer with Kraft, BT and Tesco.

It was when he was the European Promotions Director at Coca-Cola that he identified the need for a service that provided independent promotional compliance advice.

Someone to bridge the gap between agencies with amazing ideas and lawyers with a preference for caution. 

amy kingham

Amy Kingham

Compliance Manager at PromoVeritas

Amy is an expert on most aspects of promotional marketing law and regulation.

She manages PromoVeritas’ network of international lawyers covering more than 80 countries to build a strong and comprehensive repository of legal knowledge and best practice around the world.

petra green

Petra Green

Incoming Head of Legal at PromoVeritas

Petra qualified as a lawyer in South Africa in 2007 and has since worked in both private practice and in the corporate world.

She has extensive litigation experience as well as experience in drafting various contracts and agreements.

At PromoVeritas Petra focuses on drafting commercial and all manner of contracts for our clients as well as advising on marketing compliance, trademark, copyright and licensing.

Who should attend?

Manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of HFSS products


PromoVeritas is now a team of 40+, with its own legal team, hundreds of clients and they ‘run it right’ for thousands of promotions every year in the UK, Europe & globally – writing terms, picking winners of draws, judging competitions and hiding those instant win golden tickets.