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Welcoming our November partners and thought leaders

With more to be announced. Would you like to be seen as a thought leader?

Lead partner: plant-based


Meatless produces 100% plant-based textured products which are used by the vegetarian and vegan industry as an ingredient in excellent vegetarian and vegan food such as sausages, burgers and many others. We provide a range of textured products based on natural plant-based whole foods like rice, pea, quinoa, wheat, and fava bean. Our white rice fibres are superior for applications…

Lead partner: meat and dairy alternatives

Univar Solutions

Univar Solutions provide ingredients, flavours and more for the food and beverage industries. Our dedicated team of food and beverage industry experts are here to guide you every step of the way, so you can rest easy knowing that your next delicious idea starts here. Join Univar’s upcoming events: Discover Wellness – Healthy Snacks | Friday 10 June 2022

Global thought leaders


Everything we do is about Making Better Happen™. AAK specializes in plant-based oils that are the…

AIT Ingredients

The Ingredients Division of Soufflet Group operates in the wheat-flour-bread chain, producing technical (improvers, correctors, enzymes) and aromatic (sourdoughs, roasted malts, cereal blends) solutions for the milling and baking industries. AIT Ingredients provides tailor made offers and services, and continues to develop its know-how in the European, African and South American markets, as well as in Russia, the Middle East…

B Natural

Leveraging 40 years of experience working with bee products, B Natural is an Italian company expert in the scientific valorization of propolis, through the development of a patented extraction method, allowing to obtain reproducible, standardized propolis extract. Inspired by the outstanding work of bees in transforming natural substances into health-supportive compounds, B Natural aims to maximize the benefits of propolis….


Fytexia is on a mission to reduce risk factors for non-communicable diseases by offering innovative nutritional ingredients from our scientific research and inspired by recognised public health food practices. Fytexia’s team of experts works with a global network of scientific researchers to deliver functional ingredients supported with the most stringent scientific approach, from the characterization of the active compounds to…


Spoonshot delivers food & beverage innovation intelligence by leveraging AI and food science for you to make better decisions with better insights. Our research tool can reveal the future of food through a deep understanding of emerging and evolving consumer and market needs, enabling us to accurately predict trends and uncover innovation opportunities. Download free resources from Spoonshot: Food Brain…


We are a trusted ingredients manufacturer and solutions provider to the global flavour, fragrance and consumer goods markets from our bases in the UK, the US and China. We have been making the world taste better since our foundation in 1886, but this is just the beginning. Committed to continuous improvement, we have deep established roots and a visionary strategic…

Vidya Herbs

Vidya Herbs is one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality botanical extracts, oleoresins, carotenoids and essential oils with more than 20 years of experience. Vidya’s ingredients can be used in food and beverage applications, nutraceuticals, sport nutrition range and for different health benefits. Sustainability is at the heart of the company and they provide complete traceability information to their farms. Vidya…

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