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A taste of trends: gut health

Food Matters Live trend insights
Thursday 16 June 2022 | 14:30 – 16:00 BST | £30 + VAT | Virtual

Panel Chair: Alex Ruani
with expert panelists Emily Leeming, Kaitlin Colucci, Joanne Lunn and Julie Thompson

gut health trend panel

Are your products keeping up with the latest trends in the gut health sector?

With health and nutrition higher in the public consciousness than ever before, consumers are increasingly well informed and demanding more from their gut health products. In this dynamic market, it is essential you remain on top of the latest ingredients, products and consumer trends driving the gut health sector.

Academics, nutritionists and product developers from the world of gut health, will lead this insightful panel discussion and reveal an up-to-the-minute insight into what consumers are looking for from health claims and functional foods. They will also be exploring consumer awareness of the very latest science and research in this growing segment.

Book today to equip yourself with the most up to date market insight and consumer data including exclusive insights from our expert panel. You will also have the opportunity to put your questions to the panel in an extended Q & A session.

Benefits of attending:

Learn what trends could be impacting your products and what you should be looking out for

Unique insights into where the biggest growth is happening

Discover what opportunities there are available for success

Get to know your consumers and what they are looking for

Ask the experts with an in-depth Q & A session

alex ruani gut health

Panel Chair: Alex Ruani

Alex Ruani is a Doctoral Researcher at University College London and Chief Science Educator at The Health Sciences Academy. Here she leads a team of accomplished scientists and PhDs on large education and publishing projects helping working and aspiring nutrition professionals succeed in their careers.

Alex has authored science reports on health and nutrition, and led the curriculum design and content for accredited Certifications and Continuing Education courses at The Health Sciences Academy – equipping nutrition professionals with the latest tools to help their own clients and stand out in the field.

Her expertise is sharing what’s new and what’s actually working in the field of nutrition, giving learners the tools they need to stay on top of evidence-based advice and get ahead of the curve – from nutrition biochemistry, appetite and eating psychology, to nutritional neuroscience, nutritional genetics and epigenetics, gut microbiomics, and nutritional personalisation.

kaitlin colucci

Kaitlin Colucci

Kaitlin Colucci is a UK Registered Dietitian specialising in gut health and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), as well as other gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and coeliac disease.

Kaitlin previously worked in the NHS where she specialised in gastroenterology but now works in private healthcare at The Shard, London, on Harley Street as part of Rhitrition Ltd. and independently offers one-to-one private consultations where she implements complex dietetic care plans for individuals.

Kaitlin is a BDA Media Spokesperson and promotes easy to understand nutrition and diet tips through freelance and media work using the Instagram platform @themissiondietitian, as well as writing for national newspapers like The Daily Mail, Magazine Women’s Health UK, and also featuring on BBC News, BBC One’s Country File, and BBC Food: Truth or Scare giving expert dietary advice.

For further information and enquiries please visit www.kaitlincolucci.com

dr emily leeming

Emily Leeming

Emily Leeming PhD RD is a registered dietitian and nutrition scientist at King’s College London.

Her research investigates novel and multivariate approaches to explore the impact of diet on the microbiome.

Emily is Head of Programs at ZOE, a personalised nutrition company.

ZOE runs the world’s largest nutrition science study, PREDICT, to understand the complex relationship between food and health.

joanne lunn taste of trends gut health

Joanne Lunn

Joanne Lunn has been working in the health and nutrition team at Waitrose for the past 12 years. Working in the world of retail as a nutritionist has given her a great opportunity to really understand the way people eat.

Joanne graduated with a degree in biochemistry and then specialised in nutrition, a subject that she has always been really passionate about.

She completed her PhD in 2005 at the MRC Dunn Human Nutrition Unit in Cambridge, where she spent 3 years investigating the link between what we eat and our risk of developing cancer.

After receiving her PhD she was a Senior Nutrition Scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation for 4 years.

julie thompson gut health speaker

Julie Thompson

Julie Thompson Information Manager at Guts UK Charity has over 12 years’ experience as a Health Care Practitioner in gastroenterology dietetics.

She has worked within the NHS before joining the charity in 2020. As the information Manager she answers queries on a wide range of topics around gut health, diseases of the digestive tract, liver and pancreas and is the content writer for the information leaflets that are available from Guts UK website www.gutscharity.org.uk.

Author and writer, she has written content for the Guardian, The Daily Mail, British Journal of Nursing, Nurse Prescribing Magazine, Sainsbury’s Magazine, Network Health Dietitians Magazine, Guts UK biannual magazine and many others.

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A taste of trends: gut health

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Your speakers’ profiles

Photo of Alex Ruani - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Alex Ruani

UCL Doctoral Researcher and Chief Science Educator, The Health Sciences Academy

Photo of Kaitlin Colucci - Featured Author at Food Matters Live

Kaitlin Colucci

Registered Dietitian, Kaitlin Colucci Nutrition Ltd

Photo of Emily Leeming - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Emily Leeming

Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Scientist, King’s College London

Photo of Joanne Lunn - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Joanne Lunn

Health Manager, Waitrose & Partners