Masterclass Trailer: Brand reputation and protection for food and drink brands

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AUTHOR: Ana Delgado

Your brand has never been a more important part of building a business in the food and drink sector and protecting your brand reputation is integral to your success.

In this masterclass, we will consider advertising and marketing; is there no such thing as bad publicity? How can you keep things legal and build consumer trust? How can you promote your product and brand in a legally compliant way? What will happen if you don’t?

The management of a crisis and the tools you will need to reduce any reputational damage will be explored.

You will learn how to maximise your business value through developing and protecting the intellectual property which is the foundation of your brand.

Finally, an overview on managing the media.

This masterclass will include case studies, analysis, advice, reputation management best practice and tips on how best to protect your reputation in today’s social media world.

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