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11-11-21 / 3 min read

Nearly half of European consumers have noticeably reduced their meat consumption, Smart Protein survey reveals

10-11-21 / 2 min read

Kenyan start-up Twiga Foods gains $50M in Series C round

09-11-21 / 4 min read

Interview: Food Tech Matters Partner The Food Cons on the Italian foodtech ecosystem

09-11-21 / 7 min read

Start-up in focus: Amai Proteins

09-11-21 / 2 min read

Brain changes show levels of obesity risk, according to new research from University of Turku

09-11-21 / 2 min read

Uber Eats partners with Postmate’s Serve Robotics to offer self-driving AI delivery services

08-11-21 / 3 min read

Japanese start-up Open Meals aims to have 3D printed meals in space by 2050

08-11-21 / 3 min read

Impossible Foods continues its global expansion, with valuation now set to reach $7B

05-11-21 / 3 min read

Welcome from the editor: slowing down to move forward

05-11-21 / 2 min read

Britons produce 15% less food waste, but households still throw out the most food, new review suggests

05-11-21 / 3 min read

Plant-based meats brand Future Farm secures $58M, making it a new competitor in US alternative protein market

05-11-21 / 7 min read

Green Jobs: Plant-Based Nutritionist

04-11-21 / 3 min read

It’s time to rethink the Nutri-Score food labelling system says French Agriculture and Food Minister

03-11-21 / 2 min read

New technology is enhancing plant proteins in plant-based drinks, says report

03-11-21 / 3 min read

Plant-based cheese market expected to have value of $3.9B by 2031

02-11-21 / 3 min read

COP26: Jeff Bezos announces $2bn pledge to restore nature and change food systems

02-11-21 / 3 min read

Start-up in focus: Mama Dolce

02-11-21 / 3 min read

The University of Nottingham and the University of Adelaide open new food flavour facility to research and improve sustainable plant-based food ingredients

01-11-21 / 3 min read

Harper Adams University opens first-ever School of Sustainable Food and Farming

01-11-21 / 2 min read

Virtual reality game launched at UAE University to tackle obesity in children

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