Could technology be the key to managing variability?

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Unpredictable variables throughout the manufacturing life cycle can cause a huge drain on productivity and waste. Understanding the impact of these changes helps food and drink manufacturers decide on the best intervention – before it’s too late. But with today’s technology, more connected supply chain and industry collaboration – there is light at the end of the tunnel. If every manufacturer were able to predict and control variability to intervene before it’s too late, the transformation could be huge. Could technology be the key to managing variability across the food supply chain?

In this episode, in partnership with Siemens, we look at the challenges facing the food and drink industry when trying to manage variability, what pinch points affect businesses and how these can be resolved through tech. Joining our panel for this fascinating debate are Siemens, Speedibake, Raynor Foods, Polestar Interactive and Digital Catapult. We’ll find out how businesses are managing variability through technology.

To find out more about how Siemens is helping predict variability click here

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