The top podcasts for August 2021

Listen to the top food and nutrition podcasts for the past month






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In the last 30 days over 3,000 listeners got a unique perspective on the topics that matter from Table Talk, here’s the top five food and nutrition industry podcasts of the month:

The top food podcasts for August 2021

From the challenge facing 50 million people in the US who are suffering from food insecurity, to the impact of Brexit on food security, listen to the top episodes for the past month.

The top episode for August 2021

Busting the myths about intermittent fasting

New research is changing some of the myths around intermittent fasting, and what affect it can have on our nutrition and health

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  • How is Singapore helping to support food and agtech?
  • Will the plant-based boom take off in Japan?
  • Should we be thinking differently about nutrition labelling on food packaging?
  • What new proteins will support plant-based NPD?

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