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We’re extremely proud to have reached the milestone of making more than 250 episodes of the Table Talk podcast.

Podcasts are an incredibly powerful way to communicate with people – as well as being a lot of fun to make – and we’re really grateful to everyone who has featured in an episode. In the last 30 days, more than 7,500 food innovation professionals got a unique perspective on the topics that matter to them by listening to the Table Talk podcast.

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Recent Highlights

April 2022 was a month of celebration on the Table Talk podcast.

The Easter weekend gave us a chance to delve into the past and explore how food shapes our Easter celebrations, with Dr Emma Wells, Historian and Archaeologist from the University of York on hand to guide us through.

Ramadan was our next focus. Food Historian, Mary Isin, and Cue Point co-founder, Mursal Saiq, served up a delicious episode looking at some of the traditional and modern dishes used to break the fast. We also asked if the UK food industry is missing an opportunity with Ramadan.

In the week leading up to Earth Day, sustainability was on the agenda. Our Career Conversations series continued with Dr Emma Keller, Head of Sustainability at Nestle UK&I. We took a closer look at an exciting palm oil alternative, and asked: Could switching to a climatarian diet really save the planet?

We delved into the world of Quick Commerce with expert Matt Jeffers from Accenture, and uncovered an array of amazing stories linked to the histories of beer, sugar, and gin.

The top episode for April 2022

Career Conversations: Shaping the next generation of sustainable chefs

Ben Christopherons leads a brand new University of West London culinary course that puts sustainability at the heart of cooking and eating.

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Coming up next

In May, we’re looking to the future and celebrating the past.

Dr Gunhild Stordalen is founder of the EAT foundation and is trying to transform the global food system to make people and the planet healthier – but can it be done?

We’ll also meet two extraordinary teenagers who are campaigning as ambassadors for the Food Foundation to have the voices of young people heard when it comes to food poverty.

To mark World Whisky Day, we meet the man behind the concept to talk (and taste!) all things whisky.

And we celebrate English Wine with a special episode looking at the past, present and future of the English wine industry.

Other episodes to look out for:

  • Career Conversations with Micah Douglas from Tony’s Chocolonely
  • Stu Henshall, former Great British Bake Off star and now Executive Chef at Quorn Foods
  • And we look at the food trends defining 2022, with Accenture

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